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Car Next Door

March 07, 2014
Car Next Door

Sometimes – just sometimes – it’s not just about the bike!

None of us needs to be told how fantastic bike riding is for our health, our hip pocket and the universe in general! But even for the fanatics amongst us, every now and again life throws a curve ball that calls for something other than a bike…

For those of us who can almost count that number of times each year on one hand – what do we do? There’s no point buying a car – so share it instead.

There’s a new kind of car sharing taking off in Australia. Called “neighbour to neighbour” car sharing, it’s a way of letting people share their under-utilised car with their neighbours.

Car owners make a bit of cash (between $2,000 and $10,000 a year) to offset their costs, and their neighbours get cheap and convenient access to a car.

It works a lot like traditional car sharing (think GoGet or Flexicar), but it’s up to 40% cheaper (with cars from $5/hr or $25/day plus 29c/km), and with a much wider range of vehicles available.

The cars are provided by regular people in your neighbourhood. The booking platform, technology and comprehensive insurance are provided by Car Next Door.

For a quick overview of how it works, check out this page. You can also sign up for a free day's car hire, so that you can try it out without any commitment.

Already own a car? It's probably costing you more than you think.

A lot of people own a car just in case they need to drive occasionally.

But cars have high standing costs, even if you don’t drive them much. According to the RACQ, you’ll pay an average of $150 a week just to keep a medium car sitting by the kerb.

Paying just for the time and distance you actually drive, by paying your neighbour a few bucks when you need a car for the afternoon, could save you a heap of cash.

You get the freedom of car ownership, without the constant wallet-drain and hassle.

(Plus, if you’ve got a garage, kicking the car out is a great way to make more space for more bikes!)

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