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Velosure - Insurance that is all about you and the bike 

March 24, 2014
Velosure - Insurance that is all about you and the bike

Taking out insurance is a standard security measure that most of us appreciate – having that safety net makes us feel more secure and protected. But what about your bike, and what can happen when you’re out on it? More and more of us are investing big dollars in our bikes, and taking them out regularly. If your bike is covered by house and contents insurance, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is covered when it is away from the house, nor are you necessarily covered should you be involved in a road incident.

You think you’re covered by insurance because you race? Think again – read the fine print and you’re likely to find that you’re only covered when you race. So what happens if you have an accident when you’re out training?

And what if you’re on a racing holiday and you think you’re covered through travel insurance? Think again…most travel policies specifically exclude cover for damage or loss arising from racing.

Velosure was started by avid cyclists who became increasingly worried about their potential financial vulnerability when out riding. They knew that most policies were too broad to adequately address the needs of cyclists. So, in 2008 they founded Velosure – insurance that has its head around the world of cycling and cyclists, and knows just how valuable your bike is to you, and how much you love the sport.

The official insurance partner of Cycling Australia, Velosure policies can cover:

  • Your bicycle in the event of theft from your home and while you are out and about
  • Your bicycle in the event of a crash whether you are commuting, training, racing or riding in the park with the kids
  • Your bicycle in transit – on the roof of your car or in the hold of a plane, bus or train
  • The cover for your bicycle can be extended to when you are travelling overseas for up to 90 days

Velosure also has your back when it comes to indemnifying you out on a ride. Their Cyclist Liability Cover (CLC) looks after you for third party damage and/or third party bodily injury claims that may be made against you.

You have some serious bling? Not a worry – the most expensive bike on Velosure’s books is valued at $32,000!

As much as we love cycling, we all know that we’re more vulnerable on the roads than most other users. Peace of mind through affordable cover certainly takes the load off when you head out for a spin.

Any advice presented in this article is general advice only and does not consider your individual objectives or financial situation. Terms and Conditions apply to Velosure insurance policies. Please read the relevant PDS and FSG available at to ensure the product is right for you.

The insurer of this insurance is The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd ABN 78090584 (AFSL 241436) through its authorised representative Velosure Pty Ltd ABN 81 151 706 697 (AR No. 410 026)