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Hitcase Phone Case

March 28, 2014
Hitcase Phone Case

Hitcase Phone

At last year’s Amy Gillett Foundation Gran Fondo, I used the Saturday as a bit of a reccy along the Great Ocean Road. I took my time to enjoy the incredible scenery and found myself stopping regularly at picnic points just to take it all in. I whipped the phone out occasionally for some pics, and at one point dropped it on the asphalt. It had been dropped before and survived, but this time it completely shattered. We’ve probably all got a similar story. Enter the Hitcase Pro 5. Made for Apple iPhone 5 and 5S, the case comes with plenty of features:

Wide angle shooting

The Hitcase Pro 5 enables you to capture high quality video footage directly onto your iPhone 5, anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re cycling, mountain biking, BMXing or doing any kind of sporty stuff, you’ll capture all the action thanks to the Hitcase’s 170 degree, wide-angle lens. There’s even a handlebar mount so your phone’s in easy reach to snap it out and capture your adventures. Or better yet, you can download the Vidometer App; the completely free and specifically developed app for Hitcase. Vidometer can overlay data such as speed, elevation, g-force and more onto your video.

Watch Stats Live

The handlebar mount also means you can have your device within easy view to watch live stats – now you’re really set to smash that latest Strava target.

Waterproof up to 10m

Caught in the rain, or covered in mud? No problem, take your iPhone 5 and a Hitcase and enjoy the ride. The Hitcase will keep your Iphone waterproof up to 10m, so you can capture video, or take photos on your iPhone while you ride, or monitor your ride stats on Strava without fear! Upload video straight to YouTube or Facebook, and photos straight to facebook or Instagram, and show everyone your ride before you even get home. Thanks to the Hitcase shock seal your iPhone 5 is shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof for up to 10m.

Shock Absorption

Keep your iPhone 5 totally safe, even when you’re not! Thanks to Hitcase’s ShockSeal and ShockPad dual protection system, your iPhone5 is encased in an unbroken wall of silicone. The back of your iPhone5 is protected thanks to the Poron vibration-absorbing pad. The tough, impact resistant ABS/Polycarbonate exterior couples with these technologies to ensure that your iPhone makes it home in one piece.


All this is waterproof iPhone video capture is great, but what if someone calls you? Take the call! There are super thin waterproof seals over the speaker and microphone that allow you to take or make calls with minimal impact on call quality.


The range of Hitcase accessories has you covered so you can mount your iPhone in tons of different ways and hit the trails as hard as you like. Got a GoPro? No problem, Hitcase will mount to your current GoPro mounts so there is no need to go and buy new mounts.