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Next-level Safety Tech

April 04, 2014
Next-level Safety Tech

Plenty of us ride in groups but many of us also enjoy a solo spin. Whether we’re riding on the road, commuting, or heading beyond the beaten track, we’re all at risk! What happens when we’re riding alone and get into serious trouble? What happens if we’re so badly injured, we can’t raise the alarm and let anyone know where we are? How can help come when help doesn’t even know it’s needed?

Enter ICEdot, a team based in the US but who have recently expanded into Australia to deliver innovative safety technology for sporty and outdoorsy types.

And their Crash Sensor is taking helmet tech to a new level.

This nifty little gadget essentially is mounted onto a helmet and then promptly forgotten about, unless of course it’s activated to potentially save your life…

The ICEdot is paired with an app on a smartphone that enables the Crash Sensor to detect motion, changes of force and impacts. If the Crash Sensor detects a critical force, then an alarm will trigger. If that alarm is not deactivated (i.e. if the rider is not able to respond) then the app will notify up to ten emergency contacts, sending them a map with the rider’s precise location as well as GPS coordinates of the incident so that a response plan can be activated. In short – the Crash Sensor makes the call when the rider can’t.

But wait – there’s more, even if it does sound like ‘Back to the Future by Bike’. The sensor is designed and tuned to mimic the forces that your brain is experiencing at any given time. It uses a set of complex algorithms to translate the data from the on board gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer to sense forces consistent with major head injury.

The ICEdot app also includes tracking functionality as well as a manual emergency button and loads of other features. First responders can also access critical health and medical information to better care for the injured via the user’s unique code supplied on a helmet sticker.

A quick response to head trauma could prevent losing consciousness and ensure survival in unforeseen circumstances. Setup is simple and fast: Register online, download the app, connect with the sensor and you’re protected. It’s peace of mind for you and your loved ones, and it could save your life.