First Chill

April 04, 2014
First Chill

Toughen up, buttercups!

Bad Bike Health in Winter

Just like we tend to break down that little more frequently in bad weather, our bikes can also suffer their fair share of winter blues. A drivetrain all gunked up with road spray is a common ailment. Keep your drivetrain in good condition by lubing regularly, but waiting for the lube to dry and then towelling it clean. Don’t know how to lube up? Get the pros to show you - head to your local bike store.

Grit build-up around brake pads and side rims is also a common affliction amongst cold weather bikes. Avoid an instant clean-up, as spraying with a hose can create too much drama for cables and bearings. Instead, again wait for the gunk to dry and brush it out and off.

Keep Those Mitts Cosy!

As we shift into Autumn gear you’ll want something that keeps your extremities warm, but not over-heated. The Pearl Izumi Ultra-Lite Liner Gloves are a great option – their thermal Lite fabric provides optimal warmth and breathability in mild conditions. That said, these are not going to do the job when winter really kicks in, by which time you’ll need something like the Shimano Accu 3D Winter Glove, a warm, thick glove that enables you to wear the inner and outer gloves together. Just bear in mind they do reduce "feel" for gear shifting, but come June/July your priorities will probably be more focused on staying rugged up and less focused on how seamlessly you shift gears!

Bootie Up

No matter how hard we push on the bike, it is always going to take time to warm up the extremities! The Santini SMS Neoprene Shoe Cover offers maximum resistance from cold and rain thanks to its neoprene material and thermo welded seams. Spin With Toasty Pins Where would we cyclists be without leg warmers? A genius idea, they keep our pins warm during winter, but give us the option to strip down just to knicks when the Mercury rises. Netti Superroubaix Leg Warmers are made from Italian brushed Superroubaix fabric. They also come with reflective silver logos to help you stand out in dodgy weather.

Layer Up

When it comes to the depths of winter, life is made easier in layers. Start with something like the Campagnolo Seamless S/S Base Layer. A jersey that combines microfibre fabric on its outside and polypropylene on its inside (so against the skin), this is a seamless design meaning it will sit comfortably and discreetly under whatever layers you then build ontop of it.

Warming up the Noggin

Don’t they say 80 per cent of body warmth is lost through the head? Keep things toasty with the Jet Black Head Warmer, a fleece cap with contours designed to sit over the years. And it’s machine washable – because who wants to hand wash anything after an epic winter ride. No, thank you.

Get Flashy

Make yourself stand out in poor visibility with Basta Super Flash 2 Eyes Rear Light, with double and remember – it’s illegal to ride in Australia without appropriate and functioning front and rear lights! Come rain, hail or shine, you’re now ready to roll. No excuses…!