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Ladies Progear Classique

April 24, 2014
Ladies Progear Classique

I have just moved into a new apartment and my first priority is finding enough space to hang my road bike and my time trial bike.

My second priority is to then find a gorgeous commuter that on weekdays will fit my lunch and laptop, and enable me to cut about 30 minutes off my journey to work either way. Then on weekends I want it to double as a great little get-around that will take me to the market and give me enough storage to buy supplies for the days ahead.

Well my second priority might have become a lot easier to complete…

Hello Progear Classique Ladies 17” Retro!

What first takes my fancy is the colour range – yellow, blue, mint and red. There’s nothing fire-enginey about any of the shades; if anything they’re quite muted and lovely and just right for gentle riding.

The second thing that appeals is the carrier space. Not only do I have my laptop/lunch combination carrying spot thanks to the handy basket, but there’s also that nifty rear carrier so come the weekend, it looks like I’ll be able to really load up at the market. I’m also a fan of the brown leather retro saddle and handlebars – they’ll inspire me to make a little effort and (try hard to) nail the Audrey Hepburn look every time I take it for a spin. Sigh.

The Shimano 6-speed derailleur frankly gives me more options than I thought I’d have, and I am glad to see the brakes are sidepull calipers versus retro pedal style. Why complicate life and confuse myself when I am switching between this and the other two bikes. And what I love, what I absolutely really am taken with, is the $279.99 price tag. That leaves me with some spare coin to spend at the market, which can only be good.

The only thing I don’t like is the one thing Progear Classique can’t sort out for me – where is this going to go in my apartment?!