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An Aussie Vintage Bike

June 13, 2014
An Aussie Vintage Bike

For men and women who love vintage…

I can’t quite put my finger on when bike riding got so damn stylish.

There’s always been speed; there’s always been off-road; there’s always been innovation and technology… But just when did classic good taste become de rigueur in the world of cycling?

Look at any of our big cities now and along with the edgy fixies, the hybrid commuters and the Lycra faithfuls you’ll find practical, fun and tasteful vintage-style bikes doing the rounds.

Like the Nixte-H, brought to you by the Australian based Nixeycles, who design and develop bikes for commuting to work, catching up with mates or just running those odds-and-ends around town.

The Nixte-H is part of Nixeycles lifestyle fleet of bikes, and it features a timeless lugged frame (in creamy white gloss or traditional black) that appeals to both men and women.

Super grippy rubber hand grips and an extra-generous, thick padded saddle deliver not only comfort, but a dash of very cool old-school to the Nixte-H. But don’t let the upright-sitting machine fool you – a Shimano 3-speed internal gear set means you won’t dilly-dally uphill, and the complementing Shimano Nexus shifter makes for smooth and easy gear changing.

You need a bike that’s not just a fair weather friend? Not a problem – fenders (in matching frame colour) and a chain guard prevent water flicking up to ruin your wardrobe, making this a great option if you’re in the market for a bike right now.

The front basket, rear carrier rack and retro styled LED light are optional, but we’d suggest getting them. The Nixte-H is for the sort of rider who appreciates attention to detail – lugging a bike bag on your person or attaching a whiz-bang modern light just doesn’t look the part when you’re on something like the Nixte-H.

And at $299 instead of its usual $479, what’s there to think about? For easy, enjoyable, and classy commuting around town, you can’t look past the Nixte-H.