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Olympic BMX first in Australia

March 20, 2008
Olympic BMX first in Australia
With only 136 days to go (this Tuesday) before the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the first Olympic sized BMX track has been built in Australia. Luke Madill from Penrith, west of Sydney had built a replica of the track he is hoping to race on in Beijing in August when the sport is included for the first time as an Olympic sport.

Madill is no ordinary BMX rider, currently on the High Performance Squad, and ranked fifth in the world, Madill is hoping that having his own training venue will give him the edge.

It has taken Luke, his father Roger and track builders Brett Barnes and Geoff Cartwright over six months to complete the track which features an 8 metre high start ramp. Madill’s track replicates the track riders will race on at the Beijing Olympics in August. It has the same start ramp height, slope and all of the jumps are identical. This track is half the width but every other feature of the track is the same.