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Australia Buys More Bikes than Cars - Over 1million

May 07, 2008
Australia Buys More Bikes than Cars - Over 1 million
In 2007 Australian Bicycle sales far surpassed that of cars. For the past seven years, bicycles have outsold cars with a lead of more than 300,000 bikes per year.

Ian Christie of Cycling Promotion Fund said “There is an emerging trend towards people using bikes as their official company/supplied vehicle in place of the traditional company car.”

Despite this Australians are still choosing to lazy option. With 20% of Australians living within 5km of work, which is the perfect distance to cycle, 80% of those people still drive to and from work (reference ABS 4602.0 March 2006).

With obesity at epidemic proportions and over 6 million overweight Australians, it raises the issue of health and activity in our country (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2003). Why don’t we all get active and ride. If we are buying so many bikes, let’s use them.