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10 Years Old & Taking the World by BMX!!!

May 30, 2008
10 Years Old & Taking the World by BMX!!!
Australia has claimed gold on the first day of competition at the World Championships in Taiyuan, China. The Australian youngster, Karlten Wolsey of Gold Coast, won gold in the 10 year boy class in the 20 inch.

Wolsey clashed with the defending world champion from Canada, Parker Simson, in the first corner but managed to take the advantage and was able to retain his lead to take out the race.

This honest and happy young boy confessed he was nervous after clashing with the defending world champion,

“Before my race I was bit scared because Simson knocked me off in the second race and I was a bit nervous but I used it to my advantage in the final,” said Wolsey.

Even at ten years old, Wolsey has his sights set on one day going to the Olympics, it will be 2016 by the time he is eligible. Despite his age Wolsey managed to write the following thank you message,

“My Mum & Dad, and my sister Elena (she always cheers me), all my family who have helped me.

Mike at Mikes’ Bikes – he has been my friend since I first started, and the boys who work there are nice to me, especially Shane.

Troy & his family from Toowoomba, because they always encourage and praise me. Kent is a good Official, I listen to him.

Nerang BMX Club, especially Mick Hattin, I can always hear him talking on the microphone when I’m riding. Smiley Janssen for encouraging me too.

To DK,Tony, because he gave me a big surprise when he asked if I wanted to ride for them. Tony is helping me, and he is going to help other young riders. My bike is great and the DK ‘green machine’ gear is really cool. I’m proud. Thanks Tony.”

Karlten can now settle in and watch out the remainder of the events with a keen eye.

In other news from the World Championships, Madison Janssen claimed silver in the 14yr girls and Ryan Van Vugt also claimed silver in the 14yr boys.

The World Championships continue over the next four weeks and Australia is lined up to take out several more medals in the coming events.

(Sources – BMX Australia)