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The Trans Otway 80km Fire Trail Frenzy 

May 18, 2009
The Trans Otway 80km Fire Trail Frenzy
The team from Southern Exposure have organised the The Trans Otway 80km Fire Trail Frenzy on Sunday the 7th June, 2009

The ride starts in Anglesea at 7.00am with a Double Decker Bus ride to Lorne for Coffee & Toast on the upper deck at the Lorne Hotel. Then it is time for an awesome guided ride back to Anglesea

This is not a race, but an 80km grand fonde, MTB style!

Grab a top deck seat, lean back, watch the mist roll back! Enjoy the Great Ocean Road view as we and the bikes travel to Lorne on board the big red, double decker bus.

Enjoy your last slurp of coffee, some thickly sliced buttery, raisin toast while you take in the surf view from the Lorne Hotel upper deck…………..before we disappear into the leafy abyss…

Riding up towards the clouds we’ll be flicking into our granny gear mojo in no time.

We’ll reach the peak nicely warmed up and then slip on our jackets for the big boost on down below cloud level and cross the mystical Otway Ridge.

After a little more spinning, revving and whooping, we will roll on down to the surf for a glimpse of the light house and a quick surf check before kissing the salt air goodbye.

Waiting for us, is a lovely, little, spicky climb with a corkscrew decent to sea level for desert.

About now, it’ll be time for a hit of our favourite body enhancer before we return to the granny ring!

Suddenly and with a mighty surge of satisfaction, Anglesea will appear.

A cruisy, afternoon downhill follows the ridge over-looking the surf. Glide onto the beach to be reunited with your loved ones and car.


Q. Will it go up?
A. Yes

Q. Will it go down?
A. Yes

Q Will it be painful?
A. We like to call it……..pleasure!

Q. Will I get halfway and wonder what I’m doing?
A. No, no, no, no!
A. Maybe - if you’re dehydrated, hallucinating at the 40km mark and think you’re about to be trampled by a herd of spotted elephants.
A. Definitely - if you’re training consisted of riding the single speed down to the corner shop for the Sunday paper.

YOU NEED: Your bike (in good working order), helmet, glasses, repair kit and spares, munchies, water, warm jacket.
For More information please contact the team at