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In 1817, a dapper young man wearing a top hat and tails was seen riding along a highway in southern Germany on a two-wheeled wooden vehicle. His name was Karl von Drais, a brilliant young industrial designer, and the machine was the velocipede or pedal-less bicycle, which he had just invented.

Ever since, cycling has attracted its share of free thinkers and nonconformists – the unconventionally stylish looking to express their cycling DNA through what they wear and how they live.

And so, with a doff of a cap to von Drais, Après Vélo was born, a premium cycling emporium from Sydney, Australia, carrying on that proud tradition of two-wheeled fashion, fun and flair.

Après Vélo offers cycling inspired fashion and lifestyle products that are distinctly stylish, but with a twist - a love of the slightly absurd.

On their online portal, you’ll find beautiful, cycling-inspired apparel created and serviced without compromise. Clothing that’s ultra-comfortable and never out of style. Premium fabrics, unique printing techniques and vintage washes. Artwork and design that’s inspired by cycling’s proud tradition of courage, grit, and determination.

Après Vélo is about living one's passion for cycling with an individual sense of fashion and style. We are about connecting people through a shared passion, whilst maintaining that sense of individuality.

Apres Velo Kits


We'll take you through our picks of the new range and give you an overview of the diversity that Après Vélo has to offer across some of its collections.


Après Vélo has recently introduced its Les Héritage cycling kit across 3 different colours ( Blanc; Bleu; Bordeaux). The kit includes a stylish high-performance race jersey, Bib Knicks, socks, armwarmers and gloves, all fused with iconic heritage design features.


Après Vélo professes to have the greatest range of cycling inspired T-shirts on the planet covering multiple genres including the GRAND TOURS. Its Tour de France range is diverse and captures the essence of the Tours proud heritage and tradition. AV also has classic Tees that are minimalistic, yet stylish


Inspired by past cycling champions, the collection of wool blend knitwear for Men is designed to keep you cool and comfortable on and off the bike. These distinctly stylish wool blend knit jerseys are classic yet casual and are perfect for milder conditions. Retro embroidery designs and jacquard stripes are some of the features on this timeless knitwear range, inspired by racing jerseys from a bygone era. This classic collection blurs the line between life on and off the bike.


This capsule features jackets, track pants, and technical tees that transition seamlessly from the street to the gym to the lounge. Designed to support your active lifestyle, downtime and post-ride recovery.


The collection of cycling lifestyle products are designed for those who want to uniquely express their passion for cycling. The collection includes a variety of styles that are distinctly stylish with a twist. This cycling inspired range includes artwork, bags, wallets, mugs and more. Premium workmanship has been used across the range, allowing one to Live the Ride in style.

Après Vélo founder and owner, Leonard Greis


Après Vélo founder and owner, Leonard Greis is a cycling fanatic with an appetite for travel and discovery both on and off the bike. Leonard's philosophy is rooted in the Après Vélo mantra "LIVE THE RIDE", where the journey continues long after the wheels stop spinning.

Having been one of Australia’s largest suppliers of apparel to the mass retail fashion market for over 3 decades, Leonard reached the point in his life whereby he chose to live his passion for cycling through storytelling, using beautifully crafted fashion as its medium to relay cyclings rich and proud history. Leonard is quoted as saying …"FASHION IS OUR HERITAGE…CYCLING IS OUR MEDIUM FOR STORYTELLING”


Après Vélo designs and crafts stylish bespoke cycling apparel, for both on and off the bike, using beautiful performance textiles and trims from Italy. They provide a "one-stop-shop" by focusing on all of their customers specific design and logistical requirements.

What's Next?


To add to its lifestyle offering, Après Vélo have designed boutique cycling tours in Mallorca, Spain ( September 2021) and Tasmania ( March 2021), both of which are filling fast.

Their objective with the cycle tours is to provide guests ( inclusive of non-riding partners) with an unforgettable cycling experience where they truly Live the Ride, experience the dream, feel the energy and embrace the paradise of these cycling havens.

Mallorca accommodation is hosted in a luxe 15th Century Spanish Castle situation in a quiet countryside location, yet 5 minutes drive to the nearest swimming beach.