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Since 1976 we strive to make you enjoy your bike even more. We do this with the self-developed bicycle baskets and bicycle bags. With a complete collection of bicycle baskets, bags and accessories to suit your personal needs and style, Basil now makes more people happy.

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With the aid of a Basil bike basket or bag, you can transport your luggage safely and with the utmost ease. For every kind of cyclist, Basil has a beautiful bike basket or pannier that’s just right. Also e-bike proof! From sturdy, waterproof panniers for keeping important papers and electronics safe during rainy commutes, to trendy and easily removed bike baskets for commutes into school, you’ll find it all. Basil hits high notes when it comes to combining functionality with top-tier aesthetics. Whether you’re on the hunt for a double or single pannier, a shoulder bag or a children’s basket with bags of character, you’re in the right place at Basil in Ulft.

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