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A bike build is a very personal journey. Our frameset only program lets you work with some of the best dealers around to deliver your dream bike. Ride your next chapter here.

When Design Comes First

Our Co-Founder, Mike Pryde brings his experience as an Architect to transform stories into visual ideas that are displayed on our framesets.

CHAPTER2 only offers carbon road and gravel frames designed to exacting specifications using the best Toray carbon from Japan.

An Exclusive Brand With Boutique Spirit

Building your dream bike is a personal experience and it is our mission to cherish the rarity of your journey. That’s why we create Limited Edition frames, carefully crafted from unique narratives.

Therefore you will never see the same CHAPTER2 build anywhere in the world as each and every CHAPTER2 that hits the road (or gravel) is unique and personal.

Our latest Limited Editions

Our Frames


Engineered for Performance

At CHAPTER2 we are sticklers for detail in every process and design consideration needed to bring a new project from an idea to a finely tuned race machine.

All CHAPTER2 frames use a mixture of T700, T800 and T1000 grade carbon from Toray® and 3K directional reinforcement in all joint areas to ensure stiffness and provide performance.

We only use the finest prepreg carbon available in the market, produced by Toray® of Japan, the leaders in composites for various industries from Sporting Goods to Aerospace, F1 and America’s Cup.


“Beautiful attention to detail and an exceptional execution for the price point. This is a unique design in composite material and there's performance perfection both in appearance and in reality. Hand crafted technology solutions, in each and every detail, are interwoven into the bike frame from cable runs, clips and connections. It meets a specialist market where passion and perfection are clearly at the forefront.”

- Good Design Awards Jury

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