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What is Click & Collect?

One type order variant is Click & Collect which combines the classic online ordering and collects the goods on site: The customer buys the product online via BikeExchange and then picks it up themselves in the shop of the corresponding bike store. The bike store prepares the goods for the customer, eg to build the bike or to adapt it to customer requirements, pack it etc. When the goods are ready for collection, the bike store or retailer notifies the customer and the customer comes to the store and collects their order.

This service is only available from the bike retail store from which you purchased the product, and for the products which feature the ‘Click & Collect’ icon.

Collecting the Goods

Goods ordered with Click & Collect are usually made available to the buyer within 2-3 business days (unless otherwise specified). You will be notified by the bike retail store within approximately 24 to 48 hours (or 1 to 2 Business Days) after having placed the order as to when the Product is ready for collection. The buyer is required to provide proof of purchase when picking up the goods (order confirmation, invoice) and to identify themselves.

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