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Answers to questions from our users

In our FAQ we answer questions some commonly received user questions: An explanation of How BikeExchange works. As well as information on ordering, shipping and payment, bicycle advice and other general information.

How does BikeExchange work?

What is an online marketplace?

An online marketplace is a website (or app), commonly called a platform which facilitates and bring together people, business and brands in one handy location.
Hence BikeExchange is not an online store, but an online marketplace. We have no bikes or accessories or products in stock to sell. We provide the platform for bicycle retailers to offer their products, articles, the brand, on the Internet.  We provide a one stop shop for the consumer to find, know of buy within the cycling industry. And the retailer and or brand to reach and connect with the right audience.
Bicycles and all the trappings must fit. Therefore, it is important to do a test drive. If you try on helmets or cycling gear, you can be sure that the fit is right. There is a local dealer simply the best address.

Do you sell bikes and or accessories?

BikeExchange is not an online store, but an online marketplace.
BikeExchange does not hold any bikes or accessories in stock. We are an online marketplace where consumers and retailers and brands, search and display stock to buy and sell, in one handy location.

Who can advise me when buying a bike?

BikeExchange can help you find your what you need at any stage of the buying or researching process. With a phone call or email to BikeExchange Concierge. Even better can our retail stores. They are the experts, the specialists for all your questions about all things bike related. It’s their job. They have many options for you try, buy or provide alternatives to find exactly what you need at your price point. If you are more into reading and research, our blog offers some great buying advice on all sorts of topics.

I'm looking for a specific bike, how do I find that on BikeExchange?

You can type the specific bike name and model in the search bar or use the category search.

Can I try a bike?

Yes! If you have found your dream ride at a dealer or shop, you can test ride it before you buy. Simply contact the dealer or shop (email, phone or visit in person) and make an appointment.

Do you have XXX in stock?

No we do not. We do not hold any stock. Contact your most convenient or favourite bike retailer to see if they have what you are looking for – bike model, size and or colour.

How do I find a bike shop or dealer near me?

Click “Find a Bike Shop” in the top menu bar of our website. You can then search by location, post code or area. You can also type in a bike shops name to see where they are located. The map will populate with bike shops as per your request, with a listing below the map as well. Click on a point (bike store) on the map and a window will open with the address of the bike store.

How are the prices set? Can I negotiate with you?

We do not set nor have anything to do with prices set by bike stores, private seller or dealers on our site. They make their own prices.

Are there also bargains with BikeExchange?

Our bike stores and dealers always have special offers for BikeExchange customers. You can often find ‘last year’s model’ at a great price. BikeExchange regularly run promotions and special deals in partnership with stores and or dealers. Check back regularly or sign up to our weekly newsletter to stay in the know and up to date with discounts and offers.

What does enquiry mean?

At BikeExchange you will find on every product page on the right-hand side all information about the dealer or store who offers the item. There is a contact field where you can ask questions (enquire). So you can find out if the item is still in stock, arrange test drives or inform yourself about product details.

Do you have coupon promotions?

There are almost always coupons or codes redeemable during the order and checkout process. Our retail stores and dealers can also issue coupons or codes. Please check their terms and conditions.


How does the ordering process work?

Choose the product you would like to purchase, check to see if the seller provides the purchase method that suits you. i.e. Buy online, Click and Collect or In store → simply Add to cart, choose to either Continue Shopping or Checkout → Add a coupon code if you have one → Note the payment methods – Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Amex and or if Afterpay is an option → Checkout → you will be prompted for a contact email address for notifications of confirmation of order, payment accepted, product packed and ready for collection or sent in the post. And lastly, a follow up email from us. At any stage during this process if you have any questions you can contact BikeExchange or the bike shop or dealer directly. Feel free to read our Buy with Confidence and Privacy and Security information to know your payment and personal details are kept safe and secure

Do I get an order confirmation?

Yes you do. With the contact email you provided, you will be kept up to date throughout the entire ordering process, from confirmation of product, payment received to shipping and or collection and feedback. Your bill is also your confirmation. We suggest you keep a copy for proof of purchase, for any queries and or you need to contact the seller or us.

How does Click&Collect work?

Click & Collect combines the benefits of online ordering and buying in-store. You can calmly make your selection online, put the article in the shopping cart, click on Click & Collect and pay for it. Then you can pick it up at the bike shop at your convenience. This saves on shipping costs, plus you can talk to someone in person, in the store, about your product which is very helpful, especially with in technical equipment. Especially with bicycles Click & Collect offers, because the bike often needs to be set up, so you can arrange a pickup with the dealer and be sure that your bike is ready for you. 
You can read more about Click & Collect here.

How does the ‘in-store’ purchase work with the bike store?

Just the same as you would if you were in the actual bike store. You can however make a pre-selection via our online marketplace and also confirm if the bike store has the product you are looking for, the size, colour etc.

What about shipping costs?

Shipping costs will depend on a couple of things; 1) if the bike store or private seller offers free shipping or not. If not, 2)Shipping costs will depend on the size, weight and value of the order. Our bike stores calculate the shipping costs accordingly and is added to the total amount of the order.

Can I order different items from different shops at once?

Yes, you can. Please check the shipping costs of your order, found in the shopping cart. A combined shipping cost is not possible from multiple bike shops.

Is there a minimum order?

No, no such thing!

I’m looking for something specific, but I cannot find it on BikeExchange. Can I still order it?

Many retail bike stores do not put their entire product range online. If you connect with the dealer directly, it is possible that previously undiscovered treasures can be found.

The product I bought does not fit, what do I do?

Too big, too small, perhaps damaged in transit? Cancellation is possible within 14 days of ordering the product. Contact us and the bike shop and clarify the process. The cost of a ‘return’ or ‘size change’ usually falls with the buyer. [we don’t have this yet] Read more about ‘Returns’ here.

My order has not arrived, what do I do

Firstly, check if you have received a ‘product shipped’ email. If not, contact the bike shop or seller to find out when the item was sent. If the item is already on the way, ask for a tracking information to locate the good. If you have further issues, please contact us to help sort out the problem.

Bike Consulting

What bike suits me

It’s a common question, what bike do I need, what bike should I buy? Not to worry, we can help – BikeExchange Concierge. Give us a call and talk to us directly. With a few questions, we can help narrow down what bike might suit you, your needs and requirements best. You can also call your local or favourite bike store for expert advice and talk through your requirements.
Alternatively, you can read a couple of helpful guides on what to look for or know. We suggest looking through our buyers guides on our blog. Buying a used bike: What to know Entry Road Bikes under $1000 The Ultimate BMX Buyers Guide A couple more…

E-bikes, I don’t know much about them, help?

Not to worry, we have you covered. check out our great e-bike buyers guide where you find everything you need to know about e-bikes. If you have any questions, your local bike shop or ebike dealer will be happy to help you, and so will we. Call us! E-bike buyers guide – everything to know How an ebike works Tips for looking after your e-bike E-MTB comparisons

Which children’s bike is right for my child?

A child’s bike must meet special requirements, mostly age and size dependant. Not forgetting compentancy. We have created a fantastic, easy to use and understand ‘The Ultimate guide - Kids bikes’. Making the buying decision for your child’s next bike, easy and effortless.

What accessories do I need?

That depends on several factors – Depending on how much time you spend on the bike, where you are riding, the typical season and or traveling etc. Some basic accessories which should always be at hand and or carried with you:
• A helmet (always)
• A repair kit (Spare tubes, and a pump/co2)
• Appropriate clothing (Rain shell, arm warmers)
• Sunscreen
• Water bottles
• Nutrition – food, gels, bars or something to eat just in case

Shipping and payment

Order or shop instore - what's better?

You can order browse online, order online and then pick up in store, so you can see the physical product, talk more about the product and other parts or accessories or specialties services with an expert. Which is Click and Collect. Or just buy ‘In-store’.
If you are looking for something specific, and can’t find it in a store, but find it online, order quickly and easily. No mess, no fuss. It arrives are your chosen destination in no time at all. Done.

How do you ship? How long does it take?

Shipping is organised through the bike shop or dealer direct. Any shipping costs and timings are advertised on the products page itself. For example, ‘Ships within Australia’. And when added to your cart, you will be quoted an actual shipping cost based on your post code, and estimated delivery time. i.e. Domestic: arrives within 3-10 business days.

Where can I pick up my order?

You have to pick up your order from the bike store with whom you purchased.

How can I pay?

You can pay via PayPal, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express), and now Afterpay (4 x instalments) with those who offer it. The entire payment process is done with a trusted world renowned data security specialists – to safeguard your personal information and provide peace of mind when buying online with us. Read more here.

What kind of payment is safest? What's the fastest?

All payment methods offered on BikeExchange are absolutely safe and secure. The fastest way depends on your banks transactions and PayPal.

Can I arrange a specific delivery date?

YYou can, and will need to connect with the bike shop in person to arrange. Once the order has been fulfilled and in the hands of the shipping company, the bike shop has no influence on the delivery. Most delivery companies provide tracking numbers or a tracking service online, hence this is a good way to see where your goods are at any one time.

My order is not coming, what can I do?

Firstly, check with the bike shop when the order or product was sent. If it is already on the way, find out the delivery company and ask about a tracking number or online tracking service to located your product.


Do I have to assemble the bike myself?

Not unless you specify you want to ‘build the bike’ yourself, no. New Bikes are pre-assembled in a special bike shipping box. You will need insert the seat and seat post, and align and tighten the handle bars and fit the pedals.

What tools do I need?

It is best to check with the bike shop during the order process as to what you are expected to do, and what tools you may need.

Where can I find more information about cycling?

BikeExchange have a fantastic (if we do say so ourselves) blog section, providing interesting and relevant information relating to all things cycling. Consisting of easy to read buyers guides, bike and tech reviews, industry news and race results. We cover all topics relating to the two-wheeled steed. Head on over and have a browse…

Do I have to rate my order?

No, you don’t. And, we are always happy to receive positive and constructive feedback. Equally important are suggestions and indicators of how we can improve our service to you, our consumer and the cycling industry.

Do I get a guarantee?

In principle, a statutory warranty applies with a two-year warranty period for all products purchased through BikeExchange. Most bike brands provide a solid (lifetime or xx year) warranty on a frame and one to two year manufacturer’s warranty on parts. You bike shop will be able to give you full transparency with warranties and guarantees relating to your purchase.