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Keith Bremner Photography

BikeExchange are excited to be partnering with Keith Bremner to showcase his amazing photography taken across mountain bike, gravel, road and wider in some of the most stunning scenery around the world. We'll be bringing you regular gallery collections over the weeks and knowing you might be inspired to get out there and ride we will be linking relevant products and brands to the gallery collection themes.



Known as Australia's biggest gravity inspired mountain bike festival, Thredbo's Cannonball MTB festival brings five huge days and nights of spectacular mountain bike racing and entertainment. With a huge line up of word class event and non-stop entertainment all weekend, attracting amateurs, rising stars and World Champions of all ages, spectators are treated to non-stop gravity fuelled mountain biking action.

Women Who Shred

Without a doubt, featuring the best of the best in women's downhill racing on the world tour, these images were taken from the prestigious Crankworkz Les Gets France and Fort William UCI MTB World Cup, Scotland. This amazing gallery features the top four women in the world, Myriam Nicole, Rachel Atherton (often referred to as the best women racer the sport has ever seen), Tracy Hannah, and Tanhee Seagrave who have battled it out for years. All sustain major injuries and recovery over the last few years, it has really been epic racing between them all. Take a look and enjoy.


We can all remember our first time on a bike. Theres so many options for kids on bikes from trailers for babys to full on suspension bikes. Make riding a family occassion and go explore together, find new places close to home or far away. Most importantly... have fun!


Gravel grinding takes you further, open your mind to whats beyond the tar. Strap on some bags and go far, explore, find new places. 10KM 100KM 1000KM the ultimate freedom machine.

About Keith Bremner


Originally hailing from the Highlands of Scotland, for as long as I can remember, I have been riding bikes. I have fond memories of riding BMX's through forest singletrack paths before the invention of Mountain bikes! That shows my age 😜

Living beside forests and mountains I have a deep rooted passion for the outdoors and spend most of my free time exploring by bike or foot.

My love for cameras has been around for a long time and I remember 'borrowing'my brothers film cameras... I still own many classic cameras.

Living in Perth WA really stepped up my Photography and I spent most of my free time diving and photographing beautiful ocean critters.

On returning to Scotland in 2008 the Landscape became my obsession and what better way to explore it than with bike and camera. Over the last few years I have photographed mostly Downhill Mountain biking which started when my son started racing. Photographing world class riders throughout the world in stunning locations encompassed two of my passions, landscape photography and bikes!

Now back in Australia I am exploring as much as I can by Gravel. I am following the Australian bike scene and endeavour to capture as much of the beauty and action as possible.

As for my equipment I shot a Canon 5dmkiii for many years and now use a Sony a7iii. I hope you enjoy my pics.

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