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Gazelle. Ride like the Dutch

Gazelle has been part of everyday life for over a hundred years. The bike is an essential part of day-to-day living for the Dutch. We have been making our bikes now for 125 years as light, high-quality and comfortable as possible. Always reflecting on smart design and technical innovation. We make bikes that can take the occasional knock, but won’t be taken by a thief. Bikes you don’t mind being seen on.
Our e-bikes boast a low step-through and maximum pedal assistance. We build e-bikes that cut through the rush hour in 30 minutes. We take a peek into the future by building futuristic prototypes.
We are Gazelle and we make quality bikes. 275,000 a year. And we do so with great passion and complete dedication

Lifestyle Bikes

Always a bike to match your lifestyle.

Gazelle makes bikes for living, that means your lifestyle too! They are made in the form of a bike that suits you, to get across town quickly and easily and to be seen on. Gazelle lifestyle bikes are comfortable, robust and low-maintenance and can be upgraded with front and rear carriers in various colours: our delivery bikes. In addition, they are light, which makes them easy to carry up the stairs or in the car. You will certainly look the part with our lifestyle bikes!

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