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What is the Original Handlebar Jack®?

The Original Handlebar Jack® is an Ultra Portable Bicycle Repair stand.

We all know that the most common way to repair a flat tire is to flip your bike over onto its handlebars. But what do you do if you own a bike or E-bike that has sensitive hardware or expensive accessories that cannot be removed?
Then this simple solution becomes much more difficult. You risk damaging the control systems or other accessories on your bike. That’s where the Original Handlebar Jack comes in.

The Original Handlebar Jack® simply and securely attaches to your handlebars and adds a 3 1/4 " offset from your handlebars to the ground. This offset protects e-bike displays, throttles, and any other handlebar mounted accessory from touching the ground. A proven tripod design keeps your bike stable while you perform needed repairs. When not in use, The Original Handlebar Jacks magnetically locks together making storage a breeze.