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Sell Your Bike

Your Brand. Your Destination.

Introducing: BikeExchange | Market Platform

In a modern world, brands, distributors, franchises & communities are implementing marketplace strategies, connecting their sales networks for channel conflict free sale, creating online | offline expereinces & products. new revenue possibilities and owning their own destination.

Our Platform for Success

Built for Bikes
10+ years experience

Marketplace Revenue Models

Sell products, services, events & bookings, downloads

Consumer and Dealer Management

Multichannel sales & lead generation

Customizable Shop & Product Pagebuilding

Fully Hosted & Secure Solution

Webshop solution for your Dealers

The Market is Evolving


There is increasing pressure on brick & mortar and traditional retail. Brands are channel marketing to social media, Google shopping, mega and niche marketplaces to attract and retain modern consumer.


The big data and insights revolution is here. Using smart data to enhance your customer experience and overall business strategy is mandatory.


Consumers demand deeper and more meaningful relationships with brands. Brands are moving away from a transactional relationship into a membership experience with characteristics such as personalized moments, instant access, memorable experiences and ongoing value (see. Netflix, Amazon Prime)


Today over 88% of purchases are made in-store, although the internet is a powerful force, retailers are still important, brands remain reluctant to sell direct against their retailers but increasingly are moving to B2C sales strategies.

The Approach

Create a Brand

Leverage your
existing Audience

Define and implement
new revenue model

Connect your entire
reseller network

Utilize a scalable
technology platform

Use a local partner
with proven experience

Why BikeExchange

Scale, speed, spend

Leverage our scalable platform and infrastructure so you can focus on executing business goals.

Proven experience

Unlock 10+ years of proven marketplace technology, knowledge and expertise.

Continuous innovation

Drive commercial success whilst we continue to innovate our platform.

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