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Introducing: OORR Cycling Clothing

As cyclists, there's no secret that we're just as passionate about our coffee as we are about our cycling. Sydney performance apparel outfit OORR has now distilled these two passions beautifully into a selection of performance apparel.

With thanks to OORR, we got our hands on the latest range dubbed: White Noise. The new range is now available and is made with unique fabrics, that incorporate used coffee grounds (yes, you read that correctly!) and recycled plastic bottles.

In this feature, we'll take you through our picks of the new range and give you a little insight into this forward-thinking, certified B Corporation making waves in the performance cycling apparel scene.


Performance Wear for the Planet

Standing for Out Of the Rat Race, OORR is a brand committed to producing and providing high-quality cycling apparel from recycled materials. OORR's motto is that performance apparel shouldn't cost the earth, and they're not talking dollars here. The impact of plastics and non-recycled goods on the environment is impossible to ignore, and OORR kit is proof that shifting to sustainable fabrics and manufacturing processes doesn't have to come at the expense of performance, comfort, or style.

A certified B Corporation, OORR has been recognised as a "Best for the World" honoree, in recognition of the company's positive impact on the environment, their workforce, suppliers, customers and their corporate governance. B Corporations are for-profit company's that are dedicated to using their business as a force for good. In the case of OORR, this comes in the form of donating 50% of all profits to environmental causes and charities, in addition to planting five tree's for every garment sold


How It Works

The coffee-based fabric acts as a disruptor to the smooth surface of the yarn, and although you can't see or feel the difference, this feature gives the fabric much more surface area. Having more surface area enables the fabric to wick moisture more effectively and dry 50% faster than other technical polyester fabrics. It also has more surface area to refract sunlight, thereby improving UV protection. Finally, the very nature of coffee is deodorising, giving the fabric permanent anti-odour qualities.

How It's Made

Used coffee grounds are taken, then run through a patented process and mixed with PET to create yarn. That yarn is then blended with another made from recycled plastic bottles to produce the one of a kind high-tech, eco-friendly fabric which then - with the help of a skilled team manufacturing team - get turned into the jerseys, bibs and apparel.

The fabric is made in Bluesign or Oeko-Tex certified facilities (the gold standard for eco-friendly textile production), guaranteeing the highest attention to detail when it comes to reducing harmful chemical waste during production, and recycling of wastewater. The fabric used to make the garments are made with between 25% - 100% recycled materials, depending on the garment, with the majority of OORR production carried out in one city, reducing carbon emissions further through cutting transportation requirements.


After taking delivery of the kit, both testers immediately remarked at the softness of the material and just how comfortable the fit was fresh out of the packaging. The bibs and jersey on both men's and women's models feature the brands proprietary CafeTech II material detailed above.

I can personally attest to the moisture-wicking abilities of the kit, after using the garments countless times on the indoor trainer, sweating it up big time in the virtual world. Paired with a decent set of warmers, the kit also flourished on brisk mornings.

The quality of the chamois is simply superb. Italian made, courtesy of TMF (who outfit more than a few WorldTour teams), the chamois is designed for all-day comfort without being too bulky. The silicone leg grippers held the shorts in place excellently and the nylon bib-straps with their seamless design are supremely comfortable over the shoulders.

Onto the jersey, and it's good news all-around once again. The CafeTech II material used makes for a garment that's both incredibly soft and form-hugging. A higher concentration of the recycled coffee grounds kept odours at bay, despite riding in the jersey for upwards of four hours while it's natural thermoregulation qualities never left the testers feeling under, or over-layered.


Rather than continually producing excess kit, OORR offers exclusive designs three times a year. Not only does this save on excess production, reducing the carbon footprint, working to a pre-order schedule ensures that each batch of OORR kit is produced to the highest possible quality. Pre-orders are currently closed, but navigate over to and register your interest to find out when the next batch drops.

Thanks to OORR for providing the product for this feature and Johnnys Bodega Elwood for proving their space coffee and good vibes on the shoot.

The OORR White Noise kit retails for AU$270 (Bib-shorts) and AU$190 (Jersey). Our testers stand at 170cm and 186cm respectively and wore a Size M (women's) and a Size M (men's jersey) and L (men's bibshorts).

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