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Inspired by passion

When passion meets function a formula one inspired design takes your indoor training to the next level. Change the way you train with dynamic movement that will transform your indoor training sessions. You indoor sessions will be more comfortable, the side to side and fore & aft movement reduces stress on you and your bike while engaging more cycling specific muscle groups. The days of static indoor sessions are gone, train for longer with the Matrix BT52 range of rocker plates. Experience a more engaging interactive training session.

Performance without Barriers

Aerodynamic performance is what matters most on the road, in a time trial or on a climb. At Paragon Cycle Works we make no compromises in quality, focusing on delivering the ultimate in performance at a fair and affordable price.

At Paragon we believe everyone should ride carbon wheels, our aero optimised rim profile with 21mm internal rim width leads to an optimised tyre to rim interface, which reduces rolling resistance and creates a greater contact patch for improved stability in corners. Get an aero advantage with superlative ride quality, impressive levels of stiffness for less.


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