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Little Kids want vibrant and fun! Parents want safety, reliability and function! Sullivan sport brings you all of these and more. The stunning chrome finishes and head turning rocket fuel colour ways will catch your little boy or girl's eye. The fact that these products are fully in-lab tested to the world's highest standards will surely put your mind at ease, as your child learns to ride on their balance bike, or glides along on their tri scooter. Sullivan know the bigger kids want to have fun too, so their range of pro scooters and drift trikes will have the whole family covered. We are not just Rideminded, we are family minded too.

Cortex Protection

Safety in action sports is the highest priority and the Cortex Conform Helmet is one of the lightest and best fitting helmets available. Each Conform helmet comes with 4 sets of pads to optimised the fit of your helmet not only improve the comfort, but also the safety and function of the helmet. As the name suggests this helmet is designed to CONFORM perfectly to all head types by mixing and matching the different pad thickness until you find the PERFECT FIT THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!


When street scootering brands come to mind, you think of urbanArtt. Every part has been designed, refined and crafted to meet the needs and reliability of today’s street riders. The Butter deck is one of the most progressive decks on the market with nylon butter drops that feature a 6 position rotational wear system and forged neck tube. The range of civic parts are on track to set the scooter scene on fire with Max Peters having a heavy involvement in the process of producing his signature Sprawl deck. Rideua is all about supporting hardcore riding whilst maintaining a high level of product development. it doesn’t matter if you’re hitting rails, grinding ledges or dropping off rooftops, UA has you covered for all your scootering needs.


At the forefront of pushing stunt scooter design to the edge and beyond, Triad Scooters have collaborated with some of today's most influential riders like Brendon Smith and Billy Watts to come up with a range of Triad custom builds. Think you've seen everything when it comes to complete scooters, deck graphics and features, think again! Full length hand drawn Zombies, Bears and goblins combined with the highest of quality materials. The Psychic Decks use 7 series aluminium for a more resilient ride with extremely well thought out features such as the V2 Fend Off 2 in 1 Fender/Brake, Mini Gridlock precision axle system . The Triad range of Advanced bars, such as the Launder and Riot come with double butting. There’s no slowing down for Triad on their pursuit to be the leading freestyle scootering brand in the world. Whether you are after a complete, signature deck or a new custom build Rideminded has got you sorted. Be one step ahead of the competition, roll on a Triad.

Oath Components

Need only the very best aftermarket products for your scooter? You can’t go past Oath Components, painstakingly developed to not only address the way the sport is today but also to what it will be in the future. Every part has been meticulously thought out from the low profile tactile urethane and forged aluminium hollow cores that you’ll find on our Bermuda, Lattice and Binary wheels, to the unrivalled design you see in our extruded, forged and CNC Cage V2 Clamps. The range of colours span from the ever popular black, all the way through to our variations of triple anodised colour ways. If you’re looking to customise your setup then Oath Components is truly the only option and Rideminded is where to get it.

Invert Supreme

Born out of Australia, It's no wonder this brand has a laidback vibe. No other sporting company makes you think of summer quite like Invert. Whether you're grabbing your pro scooter to ride down to the shops for an ice-cream or strapping on a helmet and some pads to catch up with your mates down at the skatepark, you'll feel like your down at Bondi with the cool surf styling of Invert! Don't let the chilled out looks fool you, these stunt scooters have some serious spec and were built to handle the best trick you can throw at them.