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Send UPPAREL 10kg of your unwanted cycling kit, clothing, linen and shoes…
and we’ll give you a $25 BikeExchange voucher.*

*Voucher can be redeemed on full-price items only.
Offer valid on your first collection only.

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We’ve made it possible for you to send back your unwanted cycle clothing, linen and shoes for reuse, upcycling and recycling to ensure they have a second life. Better yet, we’re rewarding you for doing so.


On average, Australians purchase 27kg of new textiles each year and then discard around 23kg into landfill — annually.

Building on our ethos to minimise waste as well as continue our commitment to a more sustainable industry, we've teamed up with textile recyclers UPPAREL to make it easy for you to have an immediate impact on textile landfill.

Keeping your unwanted textiles out of landfill is easy!

Register for collection…

Go online and book your collection.

You can send us up to 10kg for just $25.

We’ll send you a $25 BikeExchange voucher to redeem on full-price product.

Gather up your unwanted items…

Gather up your unwanted clothing, linen and shoes.

Ensure clothes and textiles have been given a clean, ready for someone else to use and love.

Shoes should be in good condition and be given a quick wipe.

No underwear and bra’s please!

Book your pickup…

Pack your items ready for collection in a box or secure package.

Parcel must be completely sealed (open boxes and garbage bags cannot be collected).

Login to your account and notify us when they are ready for pick-up.

Let us take care of the rest!

Our team will book your collection within 48 hours of receiving your request.

We’ll send a label to print and attach to your package.

A courier will pick up your parcel from your front door.

And then we’ll get to recycling it.

Together, we can keep old textiles, clothes and shoes out of landfill.

You clean our your wardrobe…
We’ll get ready to recycle!

Book your collection and we’ll send you
a $25 BikeExchange voucher.*

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What happens next?


If your items are sent in a suitable condition, then we can donate them to one of our charity partners for someone else to love!


If your items are past their prime, then we’ll work with our recycling partners to turn them into something new like a tote bag.


If your items are damaged, they can be used to create new yarn or shredded and used for things like insulation or stuffing for pet beds.

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Every kilogram you send us for reuse or recycling will prevent 3–4 kg of greenhouse gasses from entering our atmosphere.

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