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ABUS Cycling Products for Sale

Founded In 1924 by August Bremicker, ABUS was originally started as a company to produce padlocks. Over the years, ABUS continued to expand their product range; including home alarm and surveillance systems as well as mobile security systems for motorbikes and bicycles.

What started out as a small company establishing itself in a wine cellar in Wetter, Germany, ABUS has now become the “world market leader in padlock and bike locks”, with over 3000 employees worldwide.

For the past 85 years, ABUS have been able to develop its security systems from their production sites, which are located all across the world. Germany, USA, and China are just a few of the locations where ABUS are able to design, manufacture, and test it’s products in extreme conditions to ensure the locks are the most secure on the market.

In 2012, ABUS was named “brand of the century” in the security technology category, at the German brand prize ceremony.

Check out the ABUS Range

ABUS offers a range of products to help keep your bicycle safe:

Cable Locks are one of the simplest locks for a bike. Generally lightweight, flexible and incorporating quality cable throughout, these types of locks are the most popular bicycle security systems.

Chain Locks are another type of lock, which incorporates flexibility and is extremely convenient. Allowing you to lock your bicycle to a fixed object, securing it safely.

If you are looking for one of the most solid locks available, look no further than the U-Lock. Designed with no moving parts other than the locking mechanism itself, the U-Lock has the strongest resistance when it comes to bicycle locks.

One of ABUS’ revolutionary designs is the Bordo Folding Lock, where ABUS has produced a bicycle lock that is compact, flexible and lightweight in design yet constructed with steel bars to ensure your bicycle isn’t going anywhere.

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