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Avanti Cycling products


Avanti Cycling Products in Australia

Back in 1985, the cycling world was taken by surprise when a small company in New Zealand started developing and producing bikes. They started things off with the 10-speed road bike ‘Strada’ series and have been creating unique cycling machines ever since.

Avanti has put a lot of time into track bikes over the years, with many of the advances made in track technology, later transferring onto road and triathlon models and then trickling down to more affordable options.

After gaining in popularity and stature over the last 25 years, Avanti has now expanded beyond Australia and New Zealand, distributing bikes throughout Asia and the Pacific.


Despite being best known for its race proven and trusted road bikes, Avanti has a huge range of bikes to suit all ages and abilities. So whether you’re looking at flying down trail on a mountain bike, or looking for your child's next kids bike, there's an option to suit everyone.

Accessories and Clothing

In addition to bikes, Avanti produce a small range of cycling products including clothing, accessories.