Bianchi Cycling products



Perhaps the most revered bike brand of all, Bianchi is in fact the oldest bicycle manufacturing company still making bikes today. And they don’t just make any old bikes; Bianchi are renowned for creating a range of high quality bicycles for the most demanding and discerning riders.

Bianchi began their road to success when founder Edoardo Bianchi (then a young instrument maker) was the first bike builder to create a bicycle with wheels of equal size in 1885. Bianchi has always made bicycles, but has ventured into other sectors of the transportation industry as well, trying its hand at motorcycle manufacturing and supplying trucks to the Italian army in World War II. Factories suffered badly from bombing during the war and so production ceased in peace time, but they always kept doing one thing: making beautiful bikes.

Bianchi Bicycle Innovation

The number of innovations made in modern times by Bianchi surely could not be listed here. Over the last 130 years Bianchi has continued to improve upon technologies made popular in the early days; technologies we might today take for granted. Edoardo Bianchi, working out of a small workshop in Milan introduced to the world the first bicycle with equal-sized wheels front and back. This revolutionised the efficiency of bikes and also made them a lot safer. No longer was a ladder needed to get in the saddle…

Bianchi also developed the first front brake system for a bike, something every bike manufacturer worldwide has adopted to this day.

As materials got lighter and easier to work with, Bianchi has worked tirelessly to stay ahead of the game, adopting the likes of carbon fibre in its manufacturing processes early on.

Bianchi Range of Cycling Products

Ventures into the automotive industries aside, Bianchi has expanded within the world of cycling developing their own line of accessories, and clothing, meaning you can represent Bianchi in every riding environment.

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Bianchi Sponsorship

Bianchi is famed for its sponsorship of some of the greatest riders in cycling history, most notably Il Campionissimo Fausto Coppi and Marco Pantani.

The list of successes experienced by riders riding Bianchi bikes is long and full of big names. Today, Bianchi sponsors individual competitive riders and teams around the world on the road, the mountain, the cyclocross track and at Olympic and UCI World Championships.