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Surrounded by bikes for over 25 years, having owned and worked in bike stores his whole life, it wasn’t until Warren Key was on the hunt for a bike for his own child that he came to the conclusion that no one was making bikes specifically for children.

Driven by the urge to create the ultimate kids’ bike, Key started ByK Bikes (pronounced bi-kay) and began developing bike models for kids of all ages, all heights and all levels of riding ability.

Key found that it was common for bike brands to develop their models based on the standard average height of children in a particular age bracket. But this doesn’t take into account the fact that children grow at different rates, and that some kids develop their riding skills quicker than others.

The solution was to create an extensive range of bikes that bridges the age brackets, making it easier for parents to find the right bike for their kid, but also making it easier, more comfortable, and safer for kids to ride.

After developing a range of awesome kids' bikes, ByK has taken things to a whole new level with their range of kids' helmets, accessories and clothing.

ByK Bike Technology

There are a number of unique features you will notice about ByK bikes setting them apart from some other manufacturers. The combination of all of these features reduces the ‘push-off to balance’ speed by a dramatic 30%.

  • Ergonomic design keeps the centre of gravity low, meaning they are more stable while in motion, and when riding slowly.

  • ByK bikes are lightweight, making them easier to manage and less likely to cause injury if they are dropped by the child.

  • V-bars are designed to fit a child’s shoulder width and natural riding position giving them more control and making their ride more comfortable.

  • A combination of lightweight calliper break at the front and coaster break at the rear gives kids optimal braking power, making ByK bikes incredibly safe.

ByK Bike Types

The range of ByK bikes starts with 2 year olds in the balance bike category. ByK makes bikes suitable for kids from the age of 2 right up until the age of 14. The various categories below explain the age and size of the kid suited to each type of ByK bike:

  • 2 – 4 Years (Small to Mid-Size kids)

  • 2.5 – 5 years (Mid to Tall-Size Kids)

  • 4 – 6 Years (95 – 117cm, Pre-School to Early Primary School Kids)

  • 5 – 8 Years (110 – 132cm, Primary School Kids)

  • 6 – 9 Years (115 – 145cm, Primary School Kids)

  • 7 – 11 Years (130 – 160cm, Primary School Kids)

  • 10 – 14 years (142.5 – 175cm Primary to Secondary School kids)

Each bike size offers a range of cool bike models, from balance bikes for the young ones to mountain bikes, road bikes, and cyclocross bikes for the older kids.

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