Cannondale Cycling products


Founded above a pickle factory and named after the train station across the road is the Cannondale bicycle company. Back then in the 1970s it was known as Cannondale the outdoor company, but after creating the world’s first bicycle towed trailer, the legendary ‘Bugger’, the company changed direction and it became all about the bike.

Thankfully for the rider that this was the case, as for the next four decades Cannondale grew from making bike trailers to making bikes that have changed the industry. Cannondale have been at the forefront of bicycle technology, the HeadShock stood out from the crowd and paved the way for the innovative Lefty fork on Cannondale’s mountain bikes.

The company’s road bikes refined geometries offer incredible handling in all situations and their frames are ultra-stiff but somehow still extremely comfortable. Technology such as the BB30 bottom bracket started as a Cannondale innovation, and later became an industry standard.

Cannondale have been at the front at the races as well. The Volvo Cannondale team of the 1990s was the most successful mountain bike team ever and their Saeco Cannondale road cycling team of the same era showed the superiority of the aluminium frame over the steel frames that were predominantly used back then and set more trends. Simply passionate and innovative, the Cannondale bicycle company are still around and continue to make better bikes for you, the rider.

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