Cannondale Cycling products


Cannondale Cycling Products

Cannondale states that their goal is to: “never settle in our quest to create the perfect ride.”

While the perfect ride is a lofty goal indeed, Cannondale has consistently designed and manufactured cycling products of the highest quality that enable riders to get out there and experience the joy of riding a bike.

In 1971, Joe Montgomery, Ron Davis and Jim Catrambone started Cannondale with the aim of producing high quality backpacks for camping and touring, and shortly created the first bicycle trailer the industry had seen, which they called the ‘Bugger’. Being an American company, they were obviously unaware of the negative connotations the word carried in the UK and the Commonwealth. They learnt a lot about construction in the process and turned their hand to constructing bicycle frames.

Originally manufactured in their home factory of Bedford Pennsylvania, Cannondale’s frame components are to this day made in both Taiwan and China.

Cannondale Innovation

Cannondale initially specialised in robust aluminium frames; something that wasn’t being done at the time, most other manufacturers building bikes from steel and titanium. They found the increase in size led to a lighter yet stiffer combination, and their designs were quickly imitated.

Cannondale’s oversized aluminium frames were ridden to four stage victories at the 1999 Tour de France.

One of the first companies to specialise in carbon fibre bike frame manufacturing, Cannondale created the Six13 mountain bike frame, which contrary to the common arrangement at that time (using aluminium to build the front triangle and carbon on the rear stays) used carbon fibre to construct the main frame tubes and aluminium in the rear.

Going against the grain completely, Cannondale released the Lefty Fork Design, which consists of a single front arm. The Lefty aims to provide greater mud clearance and drastically reduce weight at the front end of the bike.

Cannondale Product Range

They don’t just make bikes. Cannondale has grown to produce a huge range of products, from bicycle components to clothing. As for the bikes, Cannondale makes a bike for virtually every cycling discipline and for all levels and ages of rider. They still build bikes from a range of materials from aluminium that they mastered so early on in their development to full carbon racing machines at the high end of the spectrum.

Whether you are looking to get the kids into cycling, looking for a reliable commuter, an elite road racing machine or a downhill mountain bike monster, Cannondale makes a bike that is perfect for your ride.

Cannondale Sponsorship

Working closely with a number of top national and international riders means that Cannondale has the best source of information and ideas related to future product designs. Those ideas naturally trickle down to the consumer over time, meaning even the most drastic advancements in product design will be available to you, whether you are a die hard road racer, or just enjoy a leisurely weekend ride.