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Castelli Cycling products


Castelli Cycling Products

The Castelli story traces right back to a small tailoring shop in Milan more than a century ago, founded by the skilled and highly reputable tailor, Vittore Gianni. In 1935, Vittore would be joined by a passionate young man with a desire for innovation - Armando Castelli. Following the purchase of the company only a few years later, Armando placed a renewed focus on Vittore’s most successful clients and embraced the opportunity to craft quality cycling apparel for professional cyclists.

Maurizio, son of Armando, founded the new, iconic Castelli scorpion logo after taking the reigns to the company in 1974 and brought about developing, adapting and expanding the brand into what it is today.

Innovation and Technology

Introducing the first aerodynamic Lycra bib short to the market in 1977, the red and white scorpion would become a prominent and reputable symbol within the cycling fraternity. Legends including Coppi, Anquetil, Merckx, and Hinault would pioneer this image, and the presence is still undoubtedly noticed throughout the professional and enthusiast ranks today.

Following his highly publicised release of the first coloured Lycra short in 1981, Maurizio made another major breakthrough in 1983 with the sublimation dye process – a process that allowed colours, patterns, and logos to be incorporated into a variety of materials, revolutionising sponsorship and cycling as a result.

Innovation would become precedent, guiding the success and direction of the company right into the modern era. Today, the Italian company has a profound focus on the performance enhancing benefits of apparel, with developments like the aerodynamic skinsuit, thermals, and wicking fabric.

Cycling Clothing

Fast forward to the present day and Castelli has an expansive range of cycling clothing that comprehensively covers both male and female riders, in all imaginable weather conditions.

We’ve picked out three popular products from the range to highlight just a few of the brand’s recent innovations.


Once famously shipping the Gabba with a sharpie so professionals backed by rival clothing companies could black out the logo’s, the Gabba in itself is one of the most revered and imitated jerseys in the world. Castelli had so many people calling the long sleeve Gabba perfect, they decided to rename it as the Perfetto and continue on improving on perfection.

Aerodynamic, breathable, windproof and waterproof, the Perfetto remains the envy of other leading cycling apparel brands, with an undeniable performance against the elements. Featuring reflective trim, silicone grippers, extra length at the back and available in a range of colours, the Perfetto is the ultimate piece of cycling apparel.

Mondiale Bibshort

Perhaps the most important piece of apparel in any serious cyclists’ wardrobe, a quality bibshort that is supportive, stylish and comfortable is an absolute necessity. Introduced in 2016 as the new premium bibshort in the Castelli range, the Mondiale succeeds the ‘Free Aero Race Bibshort’ and sets the new benchmark for luxury and performance.

Combining Cinquanta, Castelli’s new 50% lycra, polyamide blend fabric, with the revered Progetto X2 chamois (seat pad), the Mondiale is a premium quality performance bibshort that is a true reflection of the Castelli philosophy. Available in an array of sizes, as well as a female specific version, these premium bibshorts will keep you comfortable in the saddle for hours on end.

Nano Flex Accessories

Another reputable line of Castelli, the Nano Flex range of accessories are the perfect complement to any cyclist’s apparel collection. Offering water-resistant thermal, yet breathable fabric with tidy double-sided silicone grippers, these flexible accessories are comfortable and the choice of many professionals. With knee, arm and leg warmers all available in a range of sizes, these are definitely a valuable addition to your wardrobe.