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Colnago Cycling products


History of the Colnago Brand

Established in 1952 by Ernesto Colnago, this Italian company has etched its way into the rich history of European cycling. With a focus on manufacturing high-quality performance road bikes for professional riders, Colnago’s reputation within the peloton quickly grew, undoubtedly aided by numerous victories from the likes of Eddy Merckx and Michele Dancelli while aboard Colnago bicycles.

Still based out of the original headquarters in Cambiago, Italy, Colnago has come a long way since its days of manufacturing quality steel frames. Adopting a number of major innovations since their inception, the range now extends to aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre frames for a number of different cycling disciplines, as well as a premium line that stems from an ongoing collaboration with Ferrari!

Ernesto Colnago himself is one of the most recognisable figures in the cycling world, with a reputation for his expertise in frame construction, as well as for a number of innovative design practices he introduced to the industry over the years. Colnago is proud to be the only manufacturer that remains in Italy producing full carbon frames, with the Ernesto Colnago frame signature proudly embedded on the frame to further showcase the brand’s heritage.

Having been a major sponsor of a professional cycling team every year since 1968, Colnago has played a vital role in nurturing some of the world’s most talented athletes. From Eddy Merckx, through teams like Mapei, Rabobank and Europcar, Colnago will once again make history in 2017, as it partners with Abu Dhabi’s first WorldTour Team - a clear indication of the company’s global reach!

Colnago Range

While Colnago’s range is relatively straightforward, the range features a number of unique models and special purpose bicycles - showcasing a mix of frame materials, all with design considerations that originate from the headquarters in Italy.

Racing - Colnago’s racing range is geared towards the performance road cyclist, with popular offerings like the C60, V1-r and CLX ready to meet your rider demands - whether that’s climbing, endurance, classics racing or a balance of all of the above! To find out more about Colnago’s road range, head over to our Colnago Road Bikes page!

Cyclocross - Originally, Colnago’s cyclocross range was restricted to a number of valued individuals, reserved for professionals competing at the highest level. However, a select number of quality crafted cyclocross frames, like the Prestige, have now been released to the market and proven extremely popular! Head over to our Colnago Cyclocross Bikes page to gain a further insight in to this particular range!

Other - Colnago’s bicycle range extends to a number of other disciplines, including Triathlon, Womens and Urban models. Further, a Classic range also exists, where you can fully embrace the Italian design concept with bikes like the ‘Master’ - a steel frame still manufactured and painted in Italy!

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