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Eastern Cycling products


Established in 1996 by Jon Byers and Mike Corley, Eastern was born out of a love of all things BMX, be it riding, the product and its design or simply seeing up and coming riders nail their first trick. Having released its first frame in 1997, Eastern outgrew its local US based manufacturing capacity and moved its frame production to Taiwan just three short years later.

The increase in production enabled the brand to grow beyond its US borders and began international distribution in 2002. Fast forward to the present day and Eastern credits its success to a heightened drive for innovation and success and above all things, a love for all things BMX.

Eastern BMX Bikes

Eastern manufactures a wide range of freestyle BMX bikes kids bikes, that cater to a wide range of riding disciplines including park riding, flatland and street riding. So if you are looking for a high-quality BMX at a reasonable price, chances are Eastern has a ride for you.