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Electra Cycling products


Electra Bicycle Company

Electra was established 1993 by European duo Jeano Erforth and talented graphic designer Benno Bänziger. The idea behind the brand was beautifully simplistic, to introduce the general population to the idea of 'having a bike in your life', as opposed to 'being a cyclist’. With that in mind, the company set out to create a range of bikes that anyone could ride, whenever they wanted to.

Retailers didn’t think much of Electra, to begin with. Designs were radical, riding positions were 'inefficient' and it was thought they just wouldn’t sell. But they were soon proved wrong with an immediate demand for the brand’s stylish bikes that offered a relaxed riding position.

Flat Foot Technology

In 2003, Electra released the game-changing ‘Townie’ which for the first time showcased its Flat Foot Technology (FFT). FFT was designed to allow riders to remain comfortably seated in the saddle while putting one foot flat on the ground. The Californian company achieved this by positioning the seatpost further back over the rear triangle and moving the bottom bracket and crankset forward. This allowed full leg extension and more efficient riding, a comfortable upright position, and relaxed arms… basically the perfect cruiser model. Tie it all together with hot-rod inspired curves and cool graphics and Electra was setting the bar for cruiser bikes around the world, soon to be imitated by others.

In 2014, Trek Bicycle Company acquired the Electra Bicycle Company, and has helped expand operations and distribution into Europe, Asia, and the Pacific.

Bikes With Style

Electra has a long list of ride options catering to a broad range of recreational riders and children. For more information, head on over to our dedicated Electra bikes page.

Accessories and Apparel

Not content with being all about the bike, Electra has expanded its operations over the years to develop its own range of accessories and stylish clothing ensuring comfort when out cruising the sights. The range of bells is such an example, with many funky and out-there designs available to add a little personality to any bike, even if it’s not an Electra.