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ENVE Cycling products


ENVE was founded in 2007 and from the beginning, focused most of its efforts on research and development. This led to high demand for its products to the point that products are sometimes sold out whilst still being manufactured. Based in Utah, USA, the American company specialises in the manufacture of high-performance bike components, most notably carbon fibre wheels.

ENVE is widely respected as manufacturing some of the toughest wheels on the market and one of the best after-sales care packages on offer, a Five-Year No Hassle Warranty and a Lifetime Loyalty Guarantee.

Amer Sports, the Finnish sports equipment company that owns many leading sports brands most notably, industry giant Mavic purchased ENVE in 2016. The cash injection has seen ENVE build on its existing reputation for its no-compromise approach to its range of cycling components, accelerating its investment in R&D as well as sharing technology with the Amer family of brands.