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Felt Cycling products


About the Felt Brand

Jim Felt, the owner of Felt Bicycles, began his journey in the cycling world following a long stint as one of the leading motorbike mechanics in America. Gifted with the task of building a triathlon bike for one of his riders, this rare opportunity allowed Felt to combine his innovative designs and expertise into a project that would ultimately lead him to realise his dream of manufacturing bicycles.

Felt quickly developed a high performing, recognisable range of road and triathlon bicycles, highlighted by a major breakthrough for the brand when Paula Newby-Fraser rode a Felt bicycle to victory in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. A few years later, Felt partnered up with a number of recognised engineers of the bicycle industry and developed a complete range of bicycle offerings for cycling enthusiasts of all disciplines.

Pioneering a number of innovations for the industry over the years, Felt Bicycles has continued to place an emphasis on designing unique and innovative bicycles, with a particular focus on aerodynamic performance. Utilising advanced technologies and materials throughout its entire range, Felt has an expansive range that is suited for riders of any cycling discipline!

Range of Felt Bicycles

Road - With a strong racing heritage, Felt’s range of road bicycles are ready for maximum race performance. The AR Series specifically focusses on aerodynamic performance, while the F Series focusses on keeping the bike exceptionally lightweight and stiff. Completing the road range, Felt offers the V and Z Series’ for endurance performance, and the W Fit Women’s Series designed specifically

Triathlon and Time Trial - As the initial focus of the brand, Felt has an exceptional range of triathlon and time trial bikes that optimise both industry leading technologies and in-house innovation. Felt offers one of the most diverse triathlon specific ranges in the industry, ready to suit different rider preferences with its distinguishable series’, including the IA Series, DA Series, B Series and S Series.

Mountain - World Championship proven, Felt has a massive range of mountain bike models that are ready for all your off-road action, with Enduro, Hardtail, Trail, Full Suspension, 27.5”, 29” specific ranges and more!

Other - Felt has a number of other specific ranges, ensuring the demands of every cycling discipline can be met. These include; a Cyclocross range of both carbon and aluminium race performance models; a highly refined Track range that optimises Felt’s leading aerodynamic technologies; a BMX range; Kids range; Cruiser range; and even a range of electric and lifestyle bikes!

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