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fi'zi:k Cycling products



It can be confusing when you come across the name fi’zi:k on a saddle or a pair of shoes for the first time. Is that another language? Are they just trying to be different? The spelling of the word physique in this case is entirely intentional. fi’zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the word physique; a word that is used a lot in the world of cycling in reference to a rider’s fitness and body shape.

One might go so far as to suggest that using the phonetic spelling invokes ideas of vitality and effervescence. The ‘fizz’ sound suggests energy, or even the gentle hiss as a hydrolyte tablet dissolves in a bidon.

Okay maybe they never looked that far. But one thing we can be certain of is that since 1996 fi’zi:k has designed and produced high end cycling accessories, components and shoes that are today used by some of the most successful cyclists in the world - both on and off the road.

fi’zi:k designs a range of high performance cycling products in the US, which are produced in Italy by parent company Selle Royal to the highest standard. Products are handmade; meticulously compiled and reviewed before they make it to the shelf and onto your bike. That same level of care is taken across of all their products meaning that if you are buying fi’zi:k, you can be sure that it has been scientifically researched, tested and constructed to the highest level of precision.

fi’zi:k Range of Products

The focus is primarily on the cockpit for fi’zi:k: saddles, seat posts, handlebars, bar tape, stems – fi’zi:k is all about supporting the rider, ensuring their ride is as comfortable and as powerful as possible.

Their range of road and mountain biking clip-in shoes and cleats are some of the best in the world: it’s no wonder the likes of Orica-GreenEDGE and Team SKY use fi’zi:k in UCI Grand Tour events.

It doesn't end there...add to the lineup a range of saddle bags, and bike lights, and soon your bike will be riding in style.

fi’zi:k products on BikeExchange

You will find a great selection of fi’zi:k’s best cycling products right here at BikeExchange’s massive online marketplace. Products are designed specifically for male and female riders, and with our easy to use search engine, you can categorise your search and narrow down the options until you find the perfect saddle or the pair of shoes to take you to the front of the bunch.