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In 1988, Henry (Hank) Krause had recently left the Mobil Corporation with the goal of changing the way that the cycling industry looked after their bikes. He had discovered a gap in the market: there weren’t any high-grade lubricants being designed specifically for bicycle drive trains and components. Many riders were resorting to house hold lubricants, but Krause believed that such products were not engineered to cope with the environments and rigors of road and mountain bike riding.

Finish Line’s first product was based on Krause’s research into the performance of Teflon fuoropolymer. Using a combination of Teflon fluropolymer, synthetic oils and a wax additive system, Finish Line Technologies released the first ever dry lubricant for bicycle component maintenance.

The dry lube changed the way that drive trains could be maintained. Traditional wet style lubes were prone to attracting dirt and grime from the road and trail. A dry style lube kept things running smoothly without attracting unwanted attention.

Expansion Globally

Things were taking off and Finish Line soon began exporting from the USA to Europe and Asia. Today, Finish Line products are sold in over 50 countries and marketed in 15 different languages.

It’s not always easy for the average rider to know what type of lubricant they need to be using on their bike. So many factors come into play. That’s why Finish Line technologies developed the lube selector and degreaser selector tools that allow you to narrow down your search for the perfect product based on your average riding conditions, the length of your rides, and the frequency with which you prefer to apply product.

Finish Line Sponsorship

Working alongside professional level road and mountain bike teams means that Finish Line has a direct resource which they utilise in the process of researching and developing new technologies. Feedback provided on the performance of products throughout the course of such events as the Tour de France is taken on board and applied in the development of the next big thing to hit the shelves.

Finish Line Products on BikeExchange

Right here on our marketplace, you will find a huge range of Finish Line cleaning products, lubricants, accessories and brake fluid products that you can apply before you ride. Our sophisticated search engine allows you to narrow down the options based on price, and to select from a range of private sellers and official retailers in your search for the perfect bike maintenance product.