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Although their headquarters are now over 19,000 kilometres from their original spiritual home, the spirit of Mt. Fuji is what drives Fuji Bikes to continue to push themselves to create new and exciting products.

Mt. Fuji is a symbol of strength and endurance for the Japanese, qualities that Fuji Bikes has shown throughout their long run building and distributing bicycles.

Founded in 1899 by Okazaki Kiyujiro in Japan, Fuji Bikes began importing and distributing American products under the trade name Nichibei Shokai. Nichibei Shokai translates as 'Japanese-American trading company', a relationship that continues to this day, Fuji bikes being distributed in Asia, Europe, Africa and of course America.

By the 1920’s Fuji bikes were the most popular brand of bicycle in Japan, and were even ridden to victory at the first Asian games in ’51.

In the 50’s Toshoku America bought the rights to distribute Fuji-made bikes in department stores throughout the US.

By the 1970’s Fuji had built a reputation for producing high quality Japanese bikes and the company expanded into the American market forming Fuji America to distribute not only entry level bikes, but high end road bikes and touring bikes also.

But heading into the 80’s, two factors led to the decline in sales for Fuji: the growing popularity of the mountain bike, and the rise of the Yen.

Mountain biking was taking over, and because Fuji was focusing on road bike and touring bike manufacturing at the time, they were not in a good position to start producing mountain bike frames that could live up to the high expectations of the international market. American brands were soon able to sell their products for cheaper and Americans were more interested in buying American-made.

Fuji had begun manufacturing frames in Taiwan, which quickly gained a reputation as being inferior to the Japanese counterparts in the US.

With the rise of the Yen throughout the 90s, Fuji struggled to hold on to its international audience, sales plummeting. In 1997 Toshoku America filed for bankruptcy, closely followed by Nichibei Fuji Cycle Company Ltd, (Fuji America’s parent company) in '98.

But the story doesn’t end there. Fuji Bikes are now distributed internationally by Advanced Sports International and Advanced Sports International Asia, subsidiaries of Ideal Bike Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles in Taiwan.

Fuji Range of Bikes

Today, Fuji manufactures a huge range of bicycles to suit every type of rider, regardless of age or ability. Whether you are looking for a high-end road racing machine, or a first bike for your kid, there is a suitable Fuji bike available.

If you are more inclined towards riding off-road, there is a great range of Fuji mountain bikes, cyclocross and hybrid machines that can handle the bumps and country roads with ease.

They also produce a great selection of stylish and practical cruiser and city bikes, perfect if you are after that retro look, and want a reliable bike for getting about town and looking good at the same time.

Fuji Sponsorship

Fuji works closely with international professional riders and cycling teams, ensuring that they have the best test group for their new and exciting technologies. Those technologies are perfected with the help of their riders and eventually is made available to you.

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