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Wheels are among the most critical parts of any bike, so it is important to choose the very best. Thankfully, Fulcrum has been manufacturing top quality wheels for different bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, e-bikes, commuter bikes and family bikes.

At BikeExchange, we stock various Fulcrum wheels and offer a range of bike accessories, including road bike wheels, cycling clothing, smart watches and bike bags. Our prices are some of the most competitive in Australia.

What are the benefits of using Fulcrum wheels?

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy when you opt for Fulcrum wheels.


Fulcrum wheels are designed using top quality raw materials. Aluminium, steel and carbon are among some of the materials used in making these wheels. The sturdy construction ensures that you can ride your bike through some of the most unforgiving terrains without experiencing any significant damage to the wheels. The robust build also means you do not have to worry about getting new wheelsets after a short time.


Fulcrum wheels are built to fit different types of bicycles. That means that regardless of the brand of bike you have, you can always find a Fulcrum wheelset that will easily install on your bike and serve the purpose you have in mind.


Because Fulcrum wheels are durable, they ultimately save money. You won’t have to worry about getting frequent repairs or buying new ones after a few months. It is also possible for you to use these wheels on different bikes interchangeably.


Riding a bike that looks good can add to the whole experience. Fulcrum wheels are often designed to complement the overall look of the bicycle, so you can be sure that putting them on any bike is likely to boost its appearance.

Optimal performance

Fulcrum wheels are specially designed to achieve specific results. For example, shallow-rimmed wheels are usually an excellent choice for general purpose use. On the other hand, the deep-rimmed aero wheels are a perfect choice for individuals who wish to use their bikes for racing or high-speed riding purposes. Each type of wheel is designed to give an optimal performance while in action.

How to choose the ideal Fulcrum wheels

Keep the details below in mind as you choose the right Fulcrum wheels for your bike.

The size

The size of your bike often determines the size of the wheels you need to get. Most of the time, bikes with minor, compact frames tend to match well with smaller wheels, while larger bikes do well with larger wheels.

The tyre type

The type of tyres you use should also inform your choice of wheels. Make sure that the tube’s valve matches the hole in the wheel’s rim. Of course, you may also choose to replace the tyre with something that fits the wheel you wish to get. It is also worth pointing out that some wheels are designed for tubeless tyres while others are designed to work with tubes.

Brake type

Your bike either has rim brakes or disc brakes, which is why you need to keep that piece of information in mind while choosing the best Fulcrum wheels to get. If your bike has rim brakes, then you have to get wheels with a flat rim sidewall to ensure they align with the surface of the brake shoes. Bikes with disc brakes also require wheels that are designed to be compatible with the system.

Axle attachment

The next thing to keep in mind is the type of axle attachment on your bike. Some wheels attach to the bike through a quick-release skewer, while others do so through a thru-axle. To determine which of the two systems is on your side, note that the thru-axle type slides through two frame holes. On the other hand, a quick-release system slides through an axle that fits into dropouts on both sides of the wheel. You also need to know the dimensions of your axles to choose the right wheel.

Rear hub type

The most common type of hub is the freehub which features a spline that fits into the centre of the rear cassette. The other hub type is the threaded hub which is compatible with almost all types of threaded freewheel clusters.


Find a wheel that is designed to suit the purpose for which you are getting it. Some wheels are ideal for off-road bikers, while others are perfect for smoother roads. It is worth pointing out that wheels also feature different materials, which may determine their cost.

Where can you buy Fulcrum wheels?

Buy Fulcrum wheels from BikeExchange online. Simply browse through our website, select the and place an order. Our team of professional staff will quickly process your order and have the item delivered as soon as possible.