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Garmin – About the Brand

Garmin is an American technology manufacturer founded in 1989, and is now one of the leading brands in navigation software and technology products worldwide. Combining the navigational advantages of GPS with a number of targeted markets, Garmin has a diverse range of specific products available to the aviation, marine, automotive, outdoor and fitness markets.

Garmin – Cycling Computers

Garmin has continued to dominate the market for cycling computers for a number of years now, creating a range that covers the most performance minded riders all the way through to everyday enthusiasts. With GPS now considered a standard feature, it’s the diverse range of other device capabilities that distinguish the various models.

Garmin’s premium models in the cycle computer range are orientated towards ‘performance riders’, placing an emphasis on important training metrics like heart rate, power, speed and cadence, and provide a range of information feedback and display options. Connectivity capabilities of these models are also superior, with Bluetooth and WiFi functions meaning activities can sync with mobile phones and your computer, as well as connect in real-time with other popular social applications like Garmin Connect, TrainingPeaks and Strava.

The more affordable models offered by Garmin will provide a valuable form of mapping and navigation, as well as basic metrics like speed, distance and time. Although analysis isn’t as detailed, these models still have upload capabilities, and are equipped with simpler features, as well as mapping and directional guidance options, perfect for both on and off-road navigation and touring.

Garmin – Watches

Garmin’s most popular line of navigation products appeal to fitness enthusiasts of all activity levels and sports. Similar to their range of cycling computers, Garmin offers an expansive range of watches that are suitable to meet personal health and fitness goals of beginners, all the way through to performance runners and triathletes. The most affordable models prioritise pacing and activity tracking, combined with heart rate compatibility for basic feedback metrics, while the premium models offer more advanced performance metrics and are compatible with your Smartphone and associated applications for detailed analysis, social media and even music control. Additionally, Garmin offers a range of Smartwatches that are designed for all day wear, combining activity tracking with Smartphone connectivity for a highly practical and functional wearable.

Garmin – Camera

A notable addition to Garmin’s expansive range of sport and recreation products, the Garmin VIRB offers a range of action cameras with quality recording capabilities and uncompromised durability. Compatible with a huge selection of other Garmin devices and accessories, the VIRB cameras are able to capture and record a huge amount of data and information. Additionally, with Garmin’s own VIRB Mobile App and VIRB Edit desktop software, the ability to combine exceptionally high-definition footage with relevant performance data enables users to produce high quality content suitable for any purpose. With touchscreen display, waterproof models, high definition audio and visual recording, as well a massive range of accompanying accessories, the Garmin VIRB ensures you can capture any moment with confidence!

Garmin - Power Meter

In 2013, Garmin delivered the first pedal based power meter system to the market, a highly anticipated product that had been a number of years in the making. The Garmin Vector revolutionised the way power was measured, allowing both left and right leg power to be simultaneously measured directly where the force is applied – the pedal. While many crank and wheel based power meters rely on equations or formulas to estimate some of the power calculation, Garmin Vector pods are attached to Look Keo Pedal’s for measurement that is arguably more accurate.

The Garmin Vector system is ANT+ compatible, and relays a vast array of information back to your cycling computer. A major advantage of the system is its interchangeability with other bikes, as this power meter is much more easily installed compared to a number of other power meters on the market. With both single and dual sided systems available, the Garmin Vector is a quality power meter system that is a valuable addition to any serious cyclists setup.

Garmin – Lights

Following their vision to create a superior network of integrated technologies, Garmin now offers a range of smart bicycle lights known as ‘Varia’. Working either independently or simultaneously with other Garmin devices, this range of products has a focus on enhancing cycling awareness and safety to better inform cyclists of their environment and surrounds. With a rear light equipped with radar to notify you about approaching traffic, and a headlight that uses feedback from your computer to better adjust brightness, these smart lights will ensure you have a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.

Garmin Cycling Products for Sale

With a huge collection of Garmin products available, ensure you achieve your personal health and fitness goals with some of the best quality devices and technology available on the market! Click on any of the headings above to refine your search of Garmin Cycling Products available for sale here on BikeExchange!

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