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Gazelle Bikes Overview

Gazelle Bicycles is the brainchild of Netherland posty, William Kölling. In 1882 Kölling a postman at the time was inspired by the invention of the bicycle and from this passion founded Gazelle Bicycles. The first Gazelle bicycle was produced in 1902 and since then Gazelle Bikes has continually expanded thanks to its success through Europe, quickly becoming the largest bicycle manufacturer in Netherlands. Gazelle reached critical mass with their brand being recognised globally in the late 50's selling their 1 millionth bike. Gazelle Bicycles is commonly known as an eco-friendly bike manufacturer that produces a considerable range of E-Bikes (electric bicycles) and power assisted bicycles, in this way Gazelle promotes reduced carbon emissions via the use of personal cycling transport.

"Today, Gazelle continues to make comfortable, durable, safe, and beautiful bicycles for our customers." - Gazelle Bicycle's Website

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