Giant Cycling products


About Giant

Perhaps the most recognisable name in cycling the world over, Giant are for the people. Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. began in Daija, Taiwan in 1972. Five years later they had signed a deal making them an Original Equipment Manufacturer for Schwinn Bikes in the US. Soaring bike prices and strikes in American factories quickly saw Giant cranking out huge numbers of bikes as a private label, with Schwinn taking up 75% of all Giant’s sales at that time.

Schwinn dropped Giant as a manufacturer in ’87, and so Giant decided to take the knowledge they had learnt of manufacturing bicycles and recreated themselves as their own brand in cycling.

Giant kicked things off by engineering lightweight affordable aluminium alloy frames, and continued this trend, designing products that achieve the highest level of performance without breaking the bank.

In 1987, Giant released the Cadex 980 C, regarded by many as the world’s first affordable carbon fibre road bike, opening up a world of options for the average rider, with cutting edge technology now available to the masses.

In 2011, Giant created Liv, a cycling brand dedicated to women and women’s cycling – a big step forward for a major manufacturer, not only engineering products tailored specifically for women, but organising women’s events and rides the world over creating a cycling community, encouraging more women to get out on the bike and get fit.

Giant is all about the bike and everything connected to it, producing a stunning range of accessories, clothing and parts for growing cycling community.

Giant Sponsorship

Giant sponsors race teams and events all over the world. They most notably sponsor the professional cycling team Giant Alpecin, with major victories coming as a result from John Degenkolb and Tom Dumoulin including Paris Roubaix and Grand Tour stages.