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Giro Cycling products


Santa Cruz is the home to this company that has pushed cycling and sportswear innovation ever since its inception back in 1985. Giro is the brainchild of the forward thinking Jim Gentes, a lateral thinking Californian with a knack for finding solutions to the redundancies facing cyclists and their equipment.

Jim once said he “wants to create products that leave a mark.” The ProLight helmet, the brand’s first offering to the cycling world was certainly a great way to do just that, combining a lightweight design with an aerodynamic geometry that no-one had seen before. The ProLight gave competitive cyclists an edge over the competition.

Fast forward 30 years and Giro continue to “tinker with the status-quo”, innovating a wide range of cycling products, all designed to give the rider that nirvana-like feeling cyclists chase every time a leg is thrown over a bike.

Giro Cycling Products for Sale

In addition to creating some of the safest, most aerodynamic and attractive helmets on the market, the brand has expanded to provide a range of high quality cycling [shoes] for both road and mountain bikers that are compatible with a wide range of pedal and cleat systems.

This growth has also seen Giro recently develop their own line of performance bike wear, engineered specifically to allow riders to get the most out of their ride, unhindered by their clothing. In addition to the brand’s offerings used on the bike, Giro also branched out into casual cycling apparel. The casual range of clothing reflects not only the sport of cycling but the culture and lifestyle that surrounds it.