GT Cycling products


GT Cycling Products

GT bikes began like many bike brands do, from the mind of a creative and tenacious individual, working on making bikes better in his garage.

Back in 1972, Gary Turner felt that BMX bikes just weren’t living up to the standards of other products in the cycling industry, so he began to make his own. Gary had worked on drag racers and even repairing instruments, so he had the tools and the knowledge to create a BMX frame that could handle the rigours of competitive racing, and stand out from the pack.

Gary Turners new GT BMX bike frames became immediately popular on the US BMX Racing circuit earning GT a reputation for solid, reliable yet lightweight design, encouraging Gary Turner and the team to venture out into other corners of the cycling world.

In the 80’s mountain biking was really starting to take off, so GT took what they had learned building BMX frames and applied it their new range of mountain biking machines. Not surprisingly, GT mountain bikes were soon seen winning races, the iconic triple-triangle design the last thing second place getters would see as the likes of Juli Furtado and Nicolas Vouilloz crossed in first.

GT Design and Innovation

A GT mountain bike is instantly recognisable by the three triangles that make up the frame. Going against popular design models, GT attached their seat stays directly to the top tube of their mountain bike frames as opposed to the seat tube. GT claims this helps reduce the vibration experienced through the saddle as it is transferred to the top tube instead.

In 1996, GT was commissioned to design super aerodynamic track bikes for Team USA’s Summer Olympics campaign. Unfortunately, the bikes the designed were deemed ‘too fast’ and were banned by the Olympic Committee prior to the event.

GT Range of Products

Today, GT builds a massive range of bikes, aimed in particular at the mountain bike, BMX, and Enduro markets. They have recently released a line of Enduroad bikes that are designed to tackle varying terrain, from the bitumen to gravel country lanes. With an emphasis on the mountain, you will find a bike suited to your style of riding whether you are racing downhill, heading out on regular cross country rides, or competing in extreme endurance riding events.

If you are looking for a great bike to handle everything the city can throw at it, look no further than GT's range of flat bar road bikes and hybrids.

Gary Turner first built bikes for his kid, and GT continues to do so. You can be sure that your kid has a reliable and comfortable ride on a GT kids’ bike.

GT Biking Community

Bike can’t win races without good riders. GT sponsors riders competing at the highest level of the international BMX and mountain bike circuits. Working closely with sponsored riders helps GT to develop new and exciting technologies for their latest bikes which you can take home and ride yourself.