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GT - About the Brand

With a passion for designing race orientated BMX frames, Gary Turner established GT Bicycles in 1979, and began manufacturing a number of innovative, performance models targeted at this discipline. Turner’s vision was relatively simple - build the fastest, most durable and innovative BMX bike available on the market! GT Bicycles rapidly gained popularity, and became recognised as the most successful BMX brand of the era following a number of major victories around the world.

With a strong foundation beneath them, the next major milestone for the brand was the release of the ‘Triple Triangle’ frame design. Following a number of years of in-house research and design, this innovative design became a feature on a number of GT’s mountain bike models, and became notorious within the industry for enhancing frame durability and responsiveness.

GT Bicycles has continued to develop and adopt a number of new and innovative technologies over their existence, including a range of track bicycles for the 1996 Summer Olympics that were deemed simply too fast for competition! With more than just an emphasis on BMX and Mountain bicycles, GT complete range of bicycles is suited to any type of rider.

GT - Range of Bikes

BMX - Back to where it all began, GT offers one of the most extensive ranges of BMX bicycles available on the market! With a passion for designing performance frames, GT offers two main ranges of BMX models; a Freestyle range that focuses on being lightweight, durable and highly adaptable to rider preference; as well as a Race range that is notably stiff, light and fast - ready for maximum performance at the highest level of racing!

Mountain - With a profound emphasis on off-road models, GT has a huge range of mountain bikes that are ready suited to all off-road disciplines! Featuring two distinct mountain categories, GT’s mountain ranges include; Full Suspension Mountain models that are specific to the demands of Gravity, Enduro, All Mountain, Trail and XC disciplines; as well as a Hardtail Mountain range that also has specific options for XC, Trail HT, Trail 27+ and Recreational Hardtail disciplines.

Pavement - GT understands that you can’t always stick to the dirt, so they've created a range specifically designed for pavement, commuting and cross-training! This range includes specific models for Gravel, Cyclocross, City, EndRoad, Sport, Fitness and Comfort, with road, flat-bar road and cruiser variations available.

Other - To complete the family, GT offers Women’s specific models in both the pavement and mountain ranges, as well as comprehensive range of boys and girls kid’s bikes.

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