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Haro Bikes

Responsible for revolutionising BMX freestyle riding, Haro Bikes continues to dominate the world scene to this day.

Founded in 1978 by Bob Haro, Haro Designs as the company was then known evolved from the a handful of cool BMX numberplates Bob made in his California home.

Pretty soon word caught on that Haro’s plates were the must have addition to any serious riders bike and he was struggling to keep up with the demand. Five years later, Haro Designs released its first line of Freestyle BMX bikes, the Haro Sport, and the elite competitive model the Haro Master.

Meanwhile, Bob Haro was putting his other energies into progressing the sport of Freestyle BMX. Some would argue that he is largely responsible for boosting its profile throughout the 1980’s, earning him the title, ‘The Father of Freestyle’.

Throughout the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s, Haro would continue to dominate the Internation Freestyle BMX competitive circuit. They had the best team signing riders like, Bryan Blyther, Mat Hoffman, Ryan Nyquist and Marc McGlynn.

Over the years, Haro Bikes changed hands a number of times, Bob Haro leaving the business in ’88 to build a graphic design company.

Haro Range of Bikes

Today Haro Bikes continues to manufacture some of the best BMX bikes on the market.

They have also expanded into the world of mountain biking as the discipline has taken off throughout the ‘90s and 2000s. Today they offer a full range of mountain bikes, from enduro full suspension bikes, to cross country hardtail machines.

Haro also produces a great line of kid's BMX and mountain bikes suitable to riders of all ages, whether they are looking at racing in their first competition, or are just learning how to ride a bike for the first time.

Haro’s range of hybrid bikes, borrow the best elements from mountain bikes and road/touring bikes to create machines that are perfect for transitioning across a range of terrain.

Haro Rider Sponsorship

Over the years, Haro has had some of the biggest names in Freestyle BMX ride and win competitions using Haro products. Their support of such elite riders has led to the development of their frames and groupsets, enabling the brand to progress quickly using feedback from those who are using the bikes to their fullest potential.

That technology then trickles down to you meaning you are using the same quality products as the pros.

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