Kona Cycling products


Kona Bicycle Company

For a bike brand that conjures forth images of golden sandy beaches and world-class surf, it might surprise many to know that Kona is in fact, a Canadian bike company. The infamous Hawaiian names weren’t introduced until 1990, but they have been a part of the culture and identity of the brand ever since.

A mountain bike company that started in Canada (and that is still based in Canada today), Kona is a company that has managed to hold on to their unique identity within the cycling world as a brand that makes high performance, cool bikes, but that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Founded in 1988, Kona is still owned today by Jacob Heilbron and Dan Gerhard in Vancouver. They’ve expanded operations since the eighties and now manufacture and produce bikes and cycling apparel out of their additional headquarters in the US and Europe.

Kona bikes are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.

As Kona’s reputation for quality frame and fork construction grew, they were able to begin developing bikes for other riding disciplines; they were transitioning from the mud and dirt and coming up road.

However, Kona has always done things a little differently. Kona worked on designing a line of steel-frame road bikes targeted towards the endurance, and commuter market before later developing high-performance cyclocross bikes for the booming discipline such as the infamous Jake the Snake model which would later be inducted into the mountain bike hall of fame.

Kona Range of Bikes and Products

While the focus has always been on the bikes themselves, Kona has created a line of cycling clothing and apres wear suitable to looking good, even when the bike is on its stand.

The range of different types of Kona bikes continues to expand. On BikeExchange’s online marketplace you can find a great range of Kona mountain bikes, steel-frame road bikes, cyclocross bikes, kids’ bikes, flat-bar road bikes and tourers – just to name a few.

You can choose from new and used bikes being sold by independent sellers, narrowing down options using our sophisticated search engine to select for wheel size, frame type and more.

Kona Sponsorship and Riding Advocacy

Along with a history making great bikes, Kona has a history of supporting those who ride them too. Kona sponsors a huge number of individual riders and racing teams. Feedback from those riders is an essential part of the research and development process when planning a new product.

Kona has worked hard to give back to the community that has helped it grow into a world class brand, and also to help members of communities who do not have the means to ride a bike. The Kona Buck-A-Bike programme, Kona’s support of BikeTown Africa and the Kona Bro Deal programme are all great examples of a bike brand giving back to the community that helped make it all happen.