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Kona Cycling products


Kona Cycling Products

Established in 1988, Kona has a long-standing involvement in cycling advocacy who believe in making bicycles for people who love bikes, regardless of whether it’s a new found hobby or a long established obsession.

The personality of Kona as a brand has always been a point of difference with the brand constantly thinking of ways to enhance not only its brand image and cycling as a whole.

The Canadian brand entered the market at the beginning of the hugely popular mountain bike era of the late 1980’s and has since expanded from these off-road roots to offer a complete family of bicycles transcending multiple cycling categories. Kona was instrumental in the ‘freeride’ boom of mountain biking which saw it sponsor many progressive riders throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Flicking on mountain bike classic movies such as New World Disorder or Kranked is proof of this. With a reputation for quality frame and fork construction, Kona further diversifies its range by offering a variety of different build materials, including titanium, steel, carbon fibre and aluminium.

Innovation and Technology

Kona places a large emphasis on “future proofing” its line-up of bikes across all categories. The idea of future proofing includes bumping up suspension travel above rival discipline-specific options or adding dropper seatposts and boost spacing to create a line of bikes that don't subscribe to any specific riding discipline. It’s this philosophy that ensures Kona bikes remain relevant and practical for as long as possible.


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