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Kona Cycling products


About the Kona Brand

Established in 1988, Kona is a Canadian company that has become a well-recognised global brand, particularly in the off-road market. Influenced heavily by the popularity of the mountain bike scene at the time of the company’s inception, Kona has a tradition of producing a quality, versatile range of bikes that are both reliable and affordable.

Passionate about bicycle empowerment, Kona has a long-standing involvement in cycling advocacy, and has further played an important role by producing a diverse range of bicycles that are both practical and affordable to a broad range of users.

Following on from its successful range of mountain and off-road models, Kona added to its range of offerings with road, commuter and cyclocross models, creating a complete family of bicycles while maintaining their unique vision. With a growing reputation for quality frame and fork construction, Kona further diversified their range by varying their models with different materials, including titanium, steel, carbon fibre and aluminium.

Kona - Range of Bikes

Mountain Bikes - The tradition and passion that this brand has for off-road action is evident with their expansive range of mountain bike models. With specific downhill, trail, endurance, cross-country race and cross-country trail models, as well as some that address a combination of these, Kona well and truly covers all bases for your off-road requirements! Headlined by the cross-country race/trail model known as the Hei Hei, Kona’s mountain bike range includes models like the Operator, Process, Precept, Honzo, Hei Hei Trail, Kahuna, WO and MTB Hardtail.

Road Bikes - Just like their mountain bike range, Kona ensures the requirements for a broad range of road users can be met through its diverse road range. The Esatto range is specifically for road endurance, while models like the Wheelhouse and Roadhouse are nicely crafted steel road endurance options that are also perfect for commuting.

Cyclocross and Commuter - With a focus on bicycle empowerment, Kona has one of the largest ranges of cyclocross and commuter specific ranges available on the market, ready to meet the riding demands for a broad range of road users. Their Jake the Snake model leads the range as a versatile commuter/cyclocross model, while the Sutra and a range of flat bar road bikes like the Dew, Splice and Rove further cover your touring, cross trail and mountain road requirements.

[Women] and Kid’s - Kona features a great range of mountain bikes for kids, including the the Shred, Hula, Makena and Stinky! Optimising the same technologies as their main mountain range, they are well refined to suit specific requirements of kids, and most importantly are fun and durable! Kona also has three women’s specific models to complete the family; including the Mohala and Tika, both suited to mountain trail and mountain endurance demands; and the Coco, which is commuter specific.

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