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Lapierre Bikes

Established in 1946 as a small bike shop in the heart of Burgundy, France, by Gaston Lapierre, Lapierre bikes soon earned a reputation the world for combining innovative technology and quality design to create a range of aesthetically pleasing and functional bicycles.

Whilst the company is now in the hands of Gaston’s grandson, Giles, Gaston has always ensured that the men of the family work in the business just as much as they work on growing it. From welding to lacing wheels, and research and development, the hands-on attitude of the decision makers became a tradition that has carried through to the development process of the brand’s high-end bikes of today.

Lapierre Bikes

Over the years, Lapierre has expanded its operations to three manufacturing facilities in France, enabling them to produce performance level products for both the road and off-road market in addition to other sectors of the cycling industry.

Road Bikes

At the turn of the millennium, the brand began to expand its focus from the dirt to the tarmac, developing a range of high-end road bikes. Sure enough, they hit the ground running, developing a revolutionary, lightweight carbon lay-up resulting in a 900gram road bike frame. This secured a strong partnership with WorldTour team Française des Jeux (FDJ) in 2002, a relationship that still continues to this day.

The marriage has been mutually beneficial with the Lapierre supplying FDJ with prototypes that are then reworked and improved for production based on team the feedback from the team.

Today, the French outfit produce a range of quality carbon road bikes that cater to all riders. From aero focussed racers and altitude seeking climbers to all-day endurance riders, there’s a bike in the Lapierre range to suit.

Mountain Bikes

Throughout the 1980’s Lapierre bikes dominated the mountain biking scene sponsoring multiple successful teams. Lapierre was ahead of the pack in its support of a sport that would boom throughout the 80’s and 90’s, focusing much of their efforts off the beaten track.

In 2003, Lapierre partnered with 10X World Downhill MTB Champion Nicolas Vouilloz who worked closely with the research and development team to create a range of technologically advanced and innovative gravity/downhill bikes to complete the French brand's stable of mountain bikes.

In 2012, after five years of working closely with RockShox in the R&D process, Lapierre released the first bikes with the e:i shock system, an electronic suspension system that adjusts the level of damping based on real-time feedback from the trail.

Lapierre have continued to develop revolutionary technologies for mountain bikes to this day. The current range of dual suspension mountain bikes caters to cross-country, trail and enduro riders.


The Overvolt range of electric bikes opens up the world of on and off-road riding to a whole new group of potential riders and has revolutionised the way that mountain bikers ride trails. Utilising Bosch pedelec technology and available in both commuter and mountain bike specifications, The French outfit’s e-bike offerings are a popular option in the fast emerging e-bike market.

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