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Lazer Cycling products


Lazer Cycling Products

For a brand with a name that invokes visions of futuristic sophisticated technology, Lazer has been around for a long time. In fact, Lazer has been around for longer than any other sports helmet brand.

In 1919, Belgian Roger Lacroix began hand crafting leather protective accessories for motorcyclists in his attic. Starting with gloves, Lacroix then began crafting high quality hardened leather hats to protect the head from a fall. 1930 was the year that the predecessor to today’s helmet was fully formed, and soon they were flying out the door so fast that it made sense for Lacroix to go commercial and start mass manufacturing his products.

Lazer wasn’t always called Lazer. Back in the early 1900s, Laser technology hadn’t even been invented yet: the company at that time went by the name ‘Cross’. Fast forward to the 1980’s - bright colours and computers, inflatable sneakers and big hair were everywhere. It was time for a re-branding to keep up with the times and attract a more modern audience. Laser technology was new and exciting; it represented the infinite possibilities technological advancement promised – and the popularity of a certain Sci-Fi trilogy might have had something to do with it (although we have nothing to back this up).

Coinciding with their rebranding was Lazer’s move into the cycling industry. The 80’s were a huge time for cycling, especially in the United States. Bicycle sales were going through the roof and Lazer - armed with its new name - was set to take the industry by storm, providing a range of helmets that used technology informed by years of experience protecting motorcyclists in high speed impacts.

They quickly drew the attention of cycling legends like Eddy Merckx, and working together developed some of the most innovative and resilient helmets money could buy.

Lazer Range of Helmets

Helmets are obviously Lazer’s specialty. Over time they have expanded their range, working with new materials and construction techniques to optimise not only the level of safety that their products provide the rider, but also to reduce weight as much as possible while enhancing the rider’s aerodynamic profile enabling them to slice through a head wind with ease.

Lazer helmets today are suitable for a huge range of riding situations:

  • Road cyclists make use of Lazer’s lightweight range of aerodynamic helmets that are designed to fit snug, and protect your head from during an impact. Some of the higher end products such as the Lazer Genesis Lifebeam even have heart rate monitors permanently installed giving you real time information without the need for an additional strap.

  • Kids are kept safe from harm wearing a helmet from Lazer with cool graphics featuring their favourite TV and pop culture heroes.

  • Commuters can opt for an alternative look with a range of Lazer bucket helmets that will match perfectly with any outfit.

  • Time Trial helmets designed by Lazer are aero shells that not only make the rider look fast, but have been wind tested to ensure that they provide the most streamlined profile possible for racing, saving valuable seconds over the course of an event.

  • BMX riders are spoilt for choice - Lazer BMX helmets are designed to be lightweight with solid construction that protects from heavy impact with riding surfaces or when falling during manoeuvres.

  • Mountain bike riders can attack the trails with confidence wearing Lazer’s sophisticated helmets; high end models come with sophisticated technology like MIPS which provides additional protection from rotational impact.

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Lazer Accessories

Oftentimes, sunglasses don’t look or fit right with your helmet. Lazer sought to rectify this problem developing their own range of stylish eyewear that would work in perfect unison with their helmets. Some Lazer sunglasses are designed to connect directly to the helmets themselves, others are solid construction and can be worn without the helmet as well.

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