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Lezyne Cycling products



In a time where the market was flooded with plastic cycling accessories that almost seemed designed to break, Micki Kozuschek sought to change that by creating his own brand of stylish yet durable cycling tools and accessories. Designed in the US, and manufactured in Taichung Taiwan, products are tested and checked rigorously before they make it to the marketplace, and then to your eagerly awaiting hands.

The Process

'Lezyne – Engineered Design' was the name and the end goal. With a history importing German cycling products to the US, and having started his own company producing high end after market and OEM components (which he sold to SRAM in ’04), Kozuschek knew what he was doing.

Kozuschek’s goal was to develop accessories with the same level of precision that was at that time applied to componentry. That goal has been achieved across the board - bike lights, floor pumps, tools, bags and bottle cages - all are designed to the highest level of quality, suited to any rider, from the novice right up to the most demanding pro.

Working with sophisticated CNC (computer numerical control) machines allows Lezyne to create shapes and construct parts with a level of accuracy that some would argue is greater than even the most well trained human hand.

Lezyne's Range of Products

Cycling is performed in a huge range of environments, and on a number of different riding surfaces. Each discipline calls for a range of accessories to enable riders to perform in their chosen discipline. Lezyne designs products specifically for the road, the mountain, the track, and a number of products suited to the daily commute. Everyone can use Lezyne on their ride.

Lezyne Innovation

In order to keep making the best products, you also need to make them fresh. Lezyne aims to not only perfect tried and true designs, but also to create new and exciting technologies, and rework existing ones making them better.

Lezyne has a team of nine designers and engineers who work in house creating such products as their line of floor pumps utilising the Air Bleed System that allows air to be released from the pump hose after using it on a presta valve. Air pressures are easily adjusted using this system on tyres with schrader valves.

They are known for their lights as well. Stylish, sleek, and durable, Lezyne’s LED lights illuminate your way and let motorists know exactly where you are at all times.