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Limar Helmets and Cycling Products

Proudly designed and manufactured in Italy, Limar helmets and cycling products aim to be the best in class in terms of style, aerodynamics and lightness.

Since 1986, Limar has been improving and innovating the helmet model to ensure that riders are wearing the safest, strongest, yet the lightest possible helmets.

Limar has had a number of firsts during its 30 year history. Limar was the first company to create a helmet with team colours when they custom designed and manufactured helmets for team Gatorade in ’93. One year later they released the world’s lightest road cycling helmet, the F104; a feat which they have repeated a number of times since then with the introduction of their ‘Superlight’ and ‘Ultralight’ helmet technologies.

Expanding their lineup, Limar produces a range of cycling accessories and clothing, such as eyewear, cycling shorts and jerseys, enabling riders to kit themselves out in Limar gear from head to toe.

Limar Range of Cycling Helmets

No matter what style of riding you perform, there is a Limar helmet out there to make you feel confident on your ride.

Road cyclists favour Limar’s lightweight and aerodynamic models, designed to be worn in conjunction with Limar’s range of stylish eye wear, these road helmets weigh as little as 175 grams and come in a range of styles and colours.

Mountain bikers can choose from a range of helmet styles designed to protect the head from a fall from a number of different angles. Limar’s fit-system allows for quick adjustment on the go, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit at all times.

Limar Products for Everyone

While Limar creates products that are suitable for elite level riders, they also create helmets and accessories that are suitable to the everyday rider, the daily commuter, kids and even BMX riders. Whether you ride to work, you go for long rides on the road, or you favour riding trails on your mountain bike, Limar has designed a helmet that will fit comfortably and protect you should your head happen to collide with a hard place.

Limar has also released a line of women’s specific products, designed conform to the geometry of women’s bodies.

All Limar helmets must adhere to strict safety and manufacturing guidelines, so you can rest easy knowing that the helmet that you have on your head is designed to handle a fall.

Limar Cycling Products on BikeExchange

At our massive online marketplace, you’ll find a huge selection of Limar products, perfect for the beginner cyclist, right up to the professional competitive rider. Browse using our sophisticated search engine and narrow your options down, opting to ‘Buy Online’ or ‘Click & Collect’ from a store near your location.

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